Wedding Inspiration

In under 4 months I will be a married lady after spending the last year planning the big day.

I’ve shared some bits and pieces with you along the way in regards to what I’ve been up to but I thought I’d share some wedding inspiration that I’ve seen along the way.

Our colour scheme is navy and gold and one of the first places I looked for dresses was Coast. I love the outfits and dresses that Coast offer for bridesmaids and you can see some of my favourite navy styles below. My bridesmaids will be wearing long navy dresses but we did actually try some of these styles below on before settling on the ONE! I love the skirts though and I’m attending a wedding the month before my own and may actually wear one of these myself but in a different colour.

All pictures are direct from the website.

Lori Lee // Iridessa // Zahara // Leah // Tulle Maxi // Bow one shoulder top

Moving on from bridesmaids attire, we take a look at favours. Now this was something we went back and forth about for a while because we really didn’t know what to choose. I came across a personalised wedding favour site which offers miniature drink options with printed personalised labels on them to commemorate your big day. You can choose from Red, White, Rose Wine, Gin, Single Malt Whisky, Vodka, Dark Rum, Deluxe Blended Whisky and Italian Prosecco.

Ultimately we decided not to go down this route but I’ve been to weddings before that have done this and it does make a nice gift to takeaway and enjoy.

I’ll be sharing some more wedding related stuff with you in the next few months including hair and makeup. If you are a bride to be, let me know in the comments whether you’ve taken any inspiration from any particular sites or magazines.

Laura x

*(This has been a collaborative post)*

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