The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

As you all know, I got married earlier in the year & when it comes to planning a wedding, it is easy to let stress get on top of you. Sometimes it can be difficult to look forward to the day itself because you are so caught up in all of the minor details. That is why it is important to take a step back and evaluate the situation. Anything is possible; you just need to plan ahead. If you are wondering where to start, you will need to read on. Below is the ultimate wedding checklist.

Decide on a venue

In order to get your invites out on time, you will need to prioritise the selection of your venue. Make sure that you choose a location that you are truly in love with. You should be aiming for a venue that you are happy to remember for the rest of your life. If you are struggling for options, why not look online? This will make the process much simpler, as you will be able to filter your search results. Say you are trying to find wedding venues in Northamptonshire, there are plenty of incredible locations for you to choose from.

Select your refreshments

If you are going to show your guests a good time, it is vital that you have plenty of food and drink to offer them. Make sure that you attend tastings when you are making your decisions. This will save you from being disappointed on the big day. It will also help you to pair together your choices. Don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for advice. Try to find someone who is especially picky, as this is a great way for you to be certain of honest feedback.

Dress to impress

As soon as you have chosen your wedding party, you will need to have everyone measured for their outfits. You will also need to check in with your loved ones, on a regular basis, to make sure that they haven’t moved up or down a dress size. Another important step is to line up all of your outfits next to each other. This will help you to make sure they coordinate.


Find your entertainment

Your wedding day should be filled with life and laughter. If you are going to keep spirits high, you will need to find a suitable wedding entertainer. Before you make your final decision, remember to run through each act from start to finish. This will help you to find an entertainer who is suitable for your guests. Alternatively, if you would like to maintain an element of surprise, you could leave this step to a trust-worthy friend.

Invest in the finishing touches

In order to enjoy a successful wedding, you need to ensure that your day is as personal as possible. You don’t want a generic event that could belong to anyone. That is why you should invest in your finishing touches. These small details will make all the difference. You could purchase personalised keepsakes for all of your guests. You could also take the time to pen sentimental thank you notes. Or, you could get creative and make your own table displays.

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*This has been a collaborative post*

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