Putting together my wedding playlist

It is now a mere 7 or so weeks until my our wedding and this means all stations go with finalising details and making sure we haven’t missed anything out.

Something that we started way back when we first booked the wedding was a playlist of songs for the day. Luckily our DJ is a friend of my brothers and in his words “He will more than likely have that, and that” so we seem pretty sorted for the day itself.

I thought I would share some of my favourite songs that will be firmly on that playlist to dance the night away…

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Anything from the Backstreet Boys heyday OBVS!

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Ed Sheeran’s new album is full of amazing music so it’s a definite must for the night.

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Stormzy Big for you Boots is one of my favourite songs and whenever its on the radio, I always attempt to rap along (and fail miserably).

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Absolutely love Anne-Marie at the moment and she is just getting better and better.

These are a mere snippet of my very eclectic wedding playlist choices including the secret “First Dance Song” which is under wraps. I love a huge range of music and remember going to HMV as a kid to buy tapes and singles with pocket-money – it was a highlight! Bob and I have very different tastes in music so needless to say the playlist will be a mixture of us both without the other one hating it too much 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for a few more wedding posts coming in the next week.

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post, all content is my own and photo credit has been given*

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