Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue

Nearly 1 year ago, Bob & I got engaged.

We knew we didn’t want a particularly long engagement and set a rough timescale to be married in the next 12-18months.

Then came the difficult part: deciding on a venue and one that wasn’t going to break the budget at that.

The first thing I would definitely do when looking at venues is have a budget in mind. It’s really easy to get caught up in the awe of venue hunting and not keeping the price at the forefront of your mind. We have paid for the wedding ourselves so we knew budget was important as well as it being the right location.

I ventured to a few venues myself to check them out but always brought Bob with me for a second look around. As much as he wasn’t bothered by wedding planning much at the early stages, Bob’s opinion mattered and it made me realise that the early venues weren’t the right ones.

We actually found our venue when Bob was golfing one day with his friend. He mentioned he was planning his wedding at the reception desk and the told him to have a look round and see what he thought. Needless to say he fell in love and immediately told me I would love it too. A few days later I took my mum to see the venue and we both admittedly fell in love.

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Fast forward 12 months and we have the venue booked and the church down the road planned for our ceremony. It’s all fallen into place but not without some back and forth between the church – venue. There are some incredible venues out there depending on what you are looking for and definitely something for everyone. I stumbled upon One Events when looking for unique wedding venues and forgetting to narrow my search to Yorkshire rather than nationwide. They offer some truly beautiful venues for weddings and could definitely make your day even more special.

If you’re in the middle of looking for the venue then good luck finding your dream wedding destination.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post, all content is my own as usual*

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