Finding the perfect engagement ring

Let me start this post by being completely honest with you. You may think you know the type of engagement ring you want but wait until you start trying a few of those bad boys on…. you’ll doubt everything you thought you knew about yourself.

Bobby and I had been together 7.5 years when we started discussing engagement/marriage and not long after Christmas 2015 he suggested we look at some jewellers like F Hinds to get an idea of styles I liked. I pretty much turned to him and said well I know exactly what I want and off we ventured to the shops.

Here’s the type of ring I thought I wanted:

I absolutely loved that it was quite unique and had a twist to the ring itself rather than going straight across the finger.

Truth be told I tried on several like this in different shops and hated them all.

It wasn’t until I saw the huge selection on offer and actually tried on what felt like hundreds of rings (it was probably in the twenties more than likely), I realised I didn’t really know what suited me that much.

Cue the crazy fears of picking the wrong dress and the wrong flowers as I thought I’d always known what they would be deep down too.

In the end the ring I chose was the ring Bobby selected and really does look beautiful on. I’d always set my heart on something simple but this one just blew my mind when I actually put it on and I knew it was the one.

In short my advice if you’re thinking of buying a ring for someone or even if you’re dreaming of your perfect ring for the future then absolutely head to some jewellers and try some on. It might be that your dream ring is in fact the perfect ring for you but then again it may be that it changes ideas completely and it’s best to be the right ring 1st time round.

Laura x

*(this has been a collaborative post, as usual all content is my own)*

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