Winter Heating Oil And Beyond: A Quick Guide To Keeping Warm

Winter heating oil, woollen blankets and everything in between can help you stay toasty.

When you’ve had a tough day at work or you’ve had an incredibly long week, the last thing you want to do in the evenings is shiver into your bedsheets. What you’d really love is to comfortably sit on your sofa watching a good film with your little ones. How do you even manage that at one of the coldest times of the year? Well, thankfully, we live in the modern age.

There’s so much on offer these days. In fact, there’s so much out there claiming to make your life much easier and your home much warmer. But, what and who can you trust? Sometimes, the simpler things in life are the ones that work best. From winter heating oil to doing a few minor jobs around the house, you can be well on your way to a happy, cosy household.

By teaming up with Rix, providers of home heating oil in the UK, we’ve put together a handy guide to keeping warm this winter. It’s not only incredibly important to stay comfortable for your health, but there are some great ways to save money in here too. You can’t lose!

Think about your main heating source.

We couldn’t start off the guide without getting the essentials covered first. Sometimes, you might find that your main heating source isn’t really helping you out. You may wake up to a chilly house, even though you set your thermostat correctly. You might also have realised that your main source of heating is costing you much more than you originally wanted, and it is now something you can no longer afford.

Thankfully, home heating oil could be your saviour. It’s a quicker, more efficient way to heat up your home, and is stored in an outdoor oil tank. You can top up your tank when needed, but heating oil lasts much longer than any other types of energy. It can even be reused again and again; much better for the environment!

If you go for heating oil as your main heating source, you’ll also get expert oil boiler servicing from highly experienced and fully qualified engineers for added peace of mind.

Seal up any draughts.

A common reason why you can’t retain much heat in your home is because you’ve got a few gaps in your windows or around your doors. Before you make the switch to winter heating oil or before you opt for other ways to heat your home, you need to make sure you don’t lose any of that hard-earned heat.

Something as simple as holding your hand up to your window seal to feel any slight breeze can give you a good idea of where your draughts are coming from. These can easily be fixed by using weather-proofing strips or re-sealing. Also, prevent draughts from underneath your doors internally by purchasing yourself a draught excluder. Putting these measures in place will make all the difference.

Double glazing and insulation.

These days, the majority of homes have double glazed windows. However, if yours aren’t double glazed but you’re not in a position to make the change financially, then there is a solution. Some DIY stores stock secondary glazing film which you can put onto your windows for that double-glazing effect.

It’s also very important to ensure your home’s loft and walls are insulated too. In doing so, you’ll ensure the heat you’ve managed to keep inside is reused again and again. Some companies can offer insulation services for free or at a discount, so it’s worth looking into to find out.

Stock up on warm drinks.

Seriously, grabbing a warm drink or two on those cold evenings can make one big difference to your body temperature. Even the kids too! Pour everyone a cup of hot chocolate or some coffee for the adults and sink into a blanket covered sofa. You’re never too old to build a blanket fort, right? As well as warm drinks, a hearty evening meal that fills your stomach will always warm you up and increase your body temperature.

Look after yourself.

On top of sealing your windows, opting for winter heating oil or closing your curtains in the evening to preserve more heat, you need to look after yourself too. Instead of grabbing your biggest jumper when the temperatures plummet, piling on the layers will keep you much warmer.

Go for woollen materials both in your clothing and in any blankets you have around, as well as adding an extra sheet or cover to your bed during the winter months.

Winter heating oil and more to help you keep warm.

Getting the basics nailed on the head will help keep you as comfortable as possible during the cooler months of the year. By rethinking where your main source of heating comes from and for making some small changes day to day, you’re well on your way to a warmer, more comfortable winter.

This post was in collaboration with Rix, heating oil and fuel providers for homes and businesses across the UK. For more information about what they offer, visit their website:

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