Instanatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel*

A few months ago I received a fab bottle of vitamin C serum to try from Instanatural and you can see my previous review here. About a month ago I got asked if I would like to try out another of the products in their skin care range; this time the Instanatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel.

I received the bottle directly from Amazon and found it to be really light as the packaging is plastic, whereas the serum came in a glass bottle so was quite heavy when it arrived in the post. I firstly swatched the product on the back of my hand to do a patch test and make sure it didn’t react with my skin etc. (I have learnt my lesson from last time I had a reaction!)


The gel cream is a funny brown caramel colour and looks a bit gritty when you stare at the blob on your hand. It also has a rather funny smell to it which admittedly you do get used to when you have been using the gel for a couple of weeks. The only way I can describe the smell is that of green tea meets burnt caramel; a strange concoction but like I say, you do get used to it.


I have been using the gel for a few weeks and have noticed a difference on my skin. I mainly have been using it on my face and had quite a few marks from previous blemishes and breakouts. The pigmentation and marks have faded quite a bit which I have been really impressed with and I have actually felt more confident wearing minimal makeup for the first time in ages.

I am going to continue using this product as I have had a small breakout on my forehead this week and do not want it to leave any marks etc. I will featuring another one of Instanatural’s fabulous products in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled.

I would definitely recommend the Instanatural Advanced Repair Scar Gel to anyone looking to visibly reduce marks or scars especially if bio-oil or another product similar hasn’t worked for you.


Laura x

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