Planning our first family holiday

As you well know, I recently had my first child and also got married. The fact that I was 5 months pregnant when we got married and then it became all about getting the house baby ready, a honeymoon was basically never an option.

Fast forward to my little girl being 3 months old and we are now starting to plan our first holiday as a family for 2018.

The main things we are looking for in our holiday are:

Good Food

Good Accommodation with a pool

Flight time of 5 hours or less

Somewhere not too hot since our little one won’t be very old yet

One of the places we have looked at is Majorca.

The positives of this destination are:

Flight time of 2.5-3 hours

Maximum temp of around 25 degrees

Time difference of only an hour

Well catered for Brits

You might think that last positive was a weird one and usually Bob and I will explore and try cuisine that we don’t normally eat at home. Due to the fact that we will have a baby, we have to think about food as we will more than likely go when she is going through the weaning stages. Therefore it’s essential that we can get some basics for her as well as trying her out with different foods as well.

I think once we’ve got Christmas over and done with, we will look more seriously at booking our first overseas holiday as a family but whilst its freezing cold outside, I’m loving looking at warmer climates.

Have you got any holiday destinations you’d recommend for a family with a baby?

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post*


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