My dream cruise destinations for my honeymoon

I, I mean WE get married in less than 5 months now and it may come as a surprise that we are yet to book a honeymoon for ourselves.

It’s safe to say with the chaos of wedding planning and our first Christmas together in our own home, honeymoon planning has taken a back seat (like a bus length back seat).

I’ve started browsing the web for ideas and one that’s always peaked my interest is going on a cruise. I’ve never done one before and the benefit to something like this, is the chance to see multiple destinations in one big trip. I did a bit of searching for luxury cruises and found Planet Cruise who offer some amazing deals and packages including last-minute options and a huge range of destinations. While I try to make up my mind about what I’m going to do, here’s a list of my ultimate cruise destinations.

Alaska – just look how incredible it looks!

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Madagascar – because who wouldn’t after seeing the film!

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Philippines – is somewhere I would love to visit.

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Norway – I would love to visit the Aurora Borealis

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I could honestly share so many destinations with you and by the end of writing this, will most probably have convinced myself to book a cruise to one of them (If only I won the lottery in that time period). 

But alas I won’t go too crazy and leave it at 4 of my ultimate destinations and hopefully inspire some of you to try out a cruise as well.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

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