Empties: The Holiday Edition

I hate neglecting my blog but having an almost 4 week break recently really gave me a refresh and the much-needed chance to go away for 2 weeks with the fiance.

On June 15th Rob & I jetted off to beautiful Lanzarote for 2 incredible weeks of good food, amazing weather and a well deserved relax from all our recent house buying stresses. I did miss my little blog but got some amazing photos and had some fantastic experiences that have given me some enthusiasm for some new posts.

I’m kicking off this week with the monthly empties post: holiday edition. That is correct peeps, I’m rounding up the products we used on our jollies and what I actually thought about them.


Starting from the left, my go to Factor 50 in sunscreen is Garnier Ambre Solaire for Kids. Yup, I use a kids sunscreen because I’m pale and freckly meaning the sun can be my enemy. I have always used Factor 50 and rarely stray much lower if I’m honest. This spray is easy to use and rubs in well into the skin. I hate the sprays that leave you with a white consistency or very obvious marks on the skin and this one does not disappoint. I did notice that after topping it up a few times on one particular sunny afternoon, I did get a slight mark or two but I kind of expect that with white sunscreen and it did rub away easily anyway.

For aftersun one of my favourites is Soltan Moisturising aftersun spray from Boots. This spray offers moisturised skin for up to 12 hours and does what it says on the bottle. I’ve bought this one for a couple of years now and definitely will keep buying it as its non-sticky, non-greasy and doesn’t have a funny smell either. There is normally some great offers on at Boots so you can usually grab these on a bargain offer at the right time of year as well.

Now on to Rob’s sunscreen of choice this year and it was Riemann P20 factor 30 once a day protection. This was a new one for us both this year as neither of us have used it before. The great thing about this spray is that it goes on clear and dries into the skin super quick. I loved that it wasn’t greasy and had virtually no odour to it either. I will definitely keep an eye out for this product on offer on the build up to the next holiday but a bit higher factor for me compared to Rob I think.

Now we turn to body wash, and since we would be going somewhere hot and it was prime time for summer sun, I chose the fruity scent of Original Source Mango body wash. The smell of this wash was incredible and perfect for the sunny weather we were enjoying in Lanzarote. I love original source products as they always smell awesome and this doesn’t disappoint. Definitely purchase this if you are going away, it’s the perfect choice.

Now let’s talk about bug bites. Yes it’s not a nice subject but whilst in Mexico 2 years ago, we discovered the best solution to bug bites in Fast Aid Plus Emulsion. Now we haven’t found it ever again and it probably was only available in Mexico, but it had a great cooling effect on the skin and reduced swelling/redness really quickly, helping to heal the bite much better. If we ever head back to Mexico again, this will be the top of our purchase list whilst out there. The best thing is that it has a long expiration meaning it lasted until this years holiday anyway.

Finally on our hair, we used a shampoo and conditioner from the Schwarzkopf Gliss  Total Repair range. These were both fab and I purchased them from Poundland as a last-minute buy before we travelled. I didn’t want anything huge in size or heavy to put in the case so these are perfect. The bottles are light and the range is great for fighting frizz and flyaway hair; perfect for humid conditions. I will definitely rebuy these in future for holidays as they work perfectly and didn’t mess with my sensitive scalp at all.

Hope you liked my holiday empties but keep your eyes peeled for my holiday blog posts coming soon.

Laura x

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