Auckland Sky Tower

I’ve been back in the great land that is the UK now for a couple of weeks and it’s safe to say I’m missing the sunshine of New Zealand already. I have my 2016 holiday already booked and Bob and I will be jetting off to Mexico. I thought I would do a couple of NZ related posts over the next week towards Christmas to share some of the lovely stuff I got up to over there. To kick off these posts in style I bring you the Auckland Sky Tower. We decided to go up on a pretty grey/blue sky day so visibility wasn’t as far as normal however you had a fantastic view of the city and some gorgeous scenery. The sky tower itself has an observation deck, a couple of restaurants including one that rotates and even a Casino. It’s actually called Sky City up there because it has so much to do inside.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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Thanks for reading, I hope you spotted my view of a giant Santa: very fitting don’t you think?

Laura x


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