The New Toyota Yaris Hybrid

You may have seen on my Instagram recently, that I was lucky enough to borrow the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid for a weekend and drive it around York.

Earlier in the year I had the chance to borrow the CHR Hybrid for a weekend and was blown away by how much I loved the car. Having driven a Yaris for 3 years and learnt to drive in one, when the lovely people at Toyota got in touch again, I jumped at the chance to drive another new car.

I picked up the car on Friday evening and as usual Mark and the staff at Vantage Toyota York were extremely helpful in showing me the ins and outs of the car. The car was another automatic which I grew to love with the CHR after 9 years of driving a manual car, and again was a hybrid so used electric as well as fuel.

As part of borrowing the car for the weekend Toyota had a look at a part of my driving to see how much of it was using electric rather than fuel and the results are below:

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Lush York Re-opening

Last week I had the privilege of attending my first ever Lush event at the York re-opening. The store had been closed for a little while to have a bit of a refurbishment and was sharing its new look store with some lucky folks the day before the grand re-opening to the public.

Having never attended a Lush event, I was a bit unsure of what to expect, and also having never tried many of their products in the past, I really didn’t know a huge amount about the brand either.

The lovely team welcomed us in and offered us food and drink before we got started. We were then introduced to each of the team and found out a little about how long they’d worked for the company and what they would be demonstrating that evening.

Photo-opportunities came next and cue 10 or so bloggers armed with camera ready to snap all the pretty Lush products all displayed in the new store setting. Think lots of people bent in funny angles if you aren’t quite sure what to picture in your mind.

We were then given demonstrations of the newest products that Lush were offering including Sleepy Body Lotion, Olive Tree Gourmet Soap, Ro’s Argan Gourmet Soap, Yellow Submarine and Metamorphosis.

Cue more picture-taking of course after this and the chance to browse around the store getting help from the various staff members and asking lots of questions. I found myself drawn to the fresh face masks and got deep into a conversation about what would be the best one for my pregnant hormonal skin. I settled on the Love Lettuce after it was recommended and after using it once already, I am thoroughly pleased with my choice.

Before leaving and making my purchase, we were gifted with a lovely goody bag featuring some of the products we had been shown that evening. I was pleasantly surprised by how much was in there and cannot wait to test out the bathbombs for myself at home.

A huge thank you to the staff at Lush who made the whole experience great and I definitely think I will be shopping there a lot more in future.

Laura x

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Carluccios York Grand Opening

A few weeks ago, Bobby and I were lucky enough to be invited to the newest restaurant opening in York: Carluccios.

Having never been to a restaurant grand opening before, neither of us knew how to dress or what to expect but off we went after work on a Friday evening to see what it was all about.

We were greeted by the lovely staff and taken to the first floor area that had been set up for the grand opening whilst downstairs was open for business as usual to paying customers. We were offered a drink of champagne (orange for me) and then had the chance to mingle and take photos before the event began.

The view from Carluccio’s first floor (prime location near Betty’s may I add)

The fantastic bar set up

A gorgeous Italian style set up overlooking Betty’s

The evening then kicked off with a shed load of canapes coming out and they all tasted incredible. One waiter realised Bobby is like a Hoover and eats everything virtually so once clocked, he kept Bobby very food happy. He also had his glass topped up several times which he loved as it’s the first blog event he’s ever been to.

The evening then went on to Mr Carluccio himself who was celebrating his 80th birthday and had some fantastic opera singers for the occasion. They treated us to some incredible singing which was a great surprise and another huge tick for Bobby who loves Classical music as well.

We also got talking to the international operations manager who was a star and made me up an amazing non-alcoholic drink after telling him I was with child.

The evening was an incredible success and we went home with full stomachs from all the canapes we had gorged on. Thank you Carluccios for inviting us to this amazing opening.

Laura x

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