5 Origins Products on my Wishlist

After being introduced to the world of Origins skincare a few weeks ago, I’ve found myself browsing their website and Instagram page more and more and creating a wish-list of products that I’m now absolutely desperate to try.

Rather than give you a huge list to read through, I thought I’d pick my top 5 products that I really want to try out and plan to treat myself to now that I’m on maternity leave.

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The “If Money was no object” Baby Wishlist

I’ve seen lots of posts whilst being pregnant and read dozens and dozens of must-have baby guides or wish lists. The fact of the matter is, having a baby isn’t cheap and the list of things you must buy and want to buy can be 2 completely unrelated lists at the end of the day. Bobby and I have tried to be really frugal with money so that I can have a full 12 months off on maternity leave, whilst still being able to pay the mortgage and bills and hopefully have a holiday before I go back to work as well.

This has meant taking hand-me-downs from a anyone that’s offered them, buying bits and bobs with vouchers we got from our wedding day back in May and even entering hundreds of baby competitions in the hope of winning some stuff. (I have been lucky enough to win a couple of things; one of which would have been expensive for us to buy if not.)

When you’re pregnant you definitely see a theme of products that everyone is buying and if truth be told, there is a part of your brain telling you that you want that product too. Since this is the case or at least what I’ve seen myself, I thought I’d put together a little “If money was no object” baby wish list to show you the products I am lusting after for Baby Moore, but won’t be buying due to wanting to stick to a budget and trying to be savvy with our money to make it stretch that bit more.

The Sleepyhead – £120 from John Lewis

Everyone is buying one of these it seems, and I hear so many great things about them. I would absolutely love to purchase one for baba but it scares me the prospect of spending all that money and then her not actually enjoying sleeping in it or not wanting to be in it. I also love that you can get different patterned covers for these making them look that bit funkier than the usual white.

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The Birthday Wishlist

Okay, so I think I’m having a good old Quarter-life crisis as I approach my 25th Birthday! The lovely day will happen in just under 2 weeks time, and I am completely dreading it. This is comfortably the first birthday I have ever dreaded and am going through all sorts of crazy thoughts about life and where it’s headed. To cheer myself up and after a rather lovely exchange of Tweets from Tarnya @ Sweet Allure, I decided to write a birthday wish list to try to cheer myself up. Note to family members reading this blog post, here are some gift ideas, please communicate with each other so I don’t end up with double of something. haha thanks Fam!

PicMonkey Collage

Black Leather Oversized Watch  // ASOS Leather & Suede Fringe Bag //  ASOS Pom Pom Plimsolls  // Candy King PicknMix  // Dream Cities Colouring Book  //  Glee Season 5 .

Everything on my wish list is under £20 and I would be happy to get anything on this list. I’m not one for choosing what I want in advance so these are just some things I’ve seen that I would love.

I hope you liked my wish list.

Laura x


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