Maternity Leave: 5 months in

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve finally got my blogging mojo back and am trying to stay on top of writing up posts now. Unfortunately I now have a teething 5 month old to contend with so blogging is purely done when she’s in bed as mum life takes priority.

I love sharing new mama life with you and thought I’d share what my first 5 months of maternity leave has consisted of.

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Cleaning hahaha this is laughable in the first 10 weeks or so. I literally stressed my head off thinking about the cleanliness of my house and frantically running round at the weekend when Bob was at home to get it done. Eventually I remembered what everyone kept telling me; the cleaning would still be there and I needed to enjoy my time with Freya. I can confirm my house is generally pretty clean nowadays as I’ve got into a decent routine but it was extremely difficult.

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Binge-worthy TV shows for Maternity Leave

I started my maternity leave 4 weeks before Freya was due. Funnily enough, my words to my colleagues were that I would more than likely have the baby early as I wanted to spend those 4 weeks watching lots of TV and working on my blog.

I obviously jinxed myself as 2.5 weeks later Freya arrived into the world and all the TV shows I had planned to watch were side-lined to being a mama. Now Freya is 7 weeks old, we are slowly getting into a better routine which means binge-watching TV shows is back on my agenda for a rainy afternoon. I am not ashamed to admit that a bit of bad weather is welcome in this house as it means lots of playtime indoors and TV show watching. We are lucky to have some excellent quality televisions in our house to watch these shows on however if I could, I would absolutely purchase a Panasonic Oled 4K TV as the quality of the screen is just amazing, and makes everything clearer.

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5 Things I’m loving on Netflix

I’ve been pretty under the weather for the last 10 days, and when I saw under the weather – absolutely floored with the Flu. I hate being ill; being confined to my bed, having zero energy to do anything and falling behind on plans you have. I thought I would ease my way back into blogging this week by sharing 5 shows/films I have been loving on Netflix recently and giving you a sneak peek into my TV habits.

1. Pretty Little Liars. I actually didn’t even bother with this show until this year and thought why not! I’m pretty addicted and have just started Season 5 and am constantly changing my mind about who A is.


2. Gotham. I flaming love anything comic book related and this is no exception. Bobby & I finished this pretty quickly due to loving the main character James Gordon pre the Batman movies. Plus being a huge OC fan as a teenager means I love seeing Ben McKenzie in something else.


3. Spartacus. Another favourite is anything related to ancient Greece or mythology and Spartacus is right up there. Think Gladiator meets Game of Thrones with all the blood and gore.

Spartacus; Episode

4. Kevin Hart Seriously Funny 2010. We came across this whilst trying to find something different to watch one sunday night and were in absolute stitches from the start. I think Kevin Hart is incredible and sooo funny so you should check this out if you need a good laugh.


5. Making A Murderer. Again this has been hugely popular of late but I was a bit late on the bandwagon. I’m only half way through so I haven’t seen the whole thing yet but so far, I’m loving it. Even my mum has been watching it after I’ve raved on so much.


So those have been my top 5 lately and I’m still watching some of them as we speak. I urge you to watch any of them if you have some spare time but you will get addicted fairly quickly.

Laura x





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