The Results are in…

After a gruelling 12 weeks, I can finally say I’ve completed the Results with Lucy fitness programme!


I’m certainly no fitness buff, but when I was offered the chance to try out and review this amazing programme for 12 weeks, I jumped at the chance. I love the feeling I get after exercise and always feel as though I’ve achieved something. This plan has been the kick up the butt I needed to get myself into shape and I even decided to get my mum in on the act to kick-start her fitness journey as well.

I took part in the Solo Programme at £12.99 a month which is a no contract plan offering great workout videos in many different styles and new videos added every week.

My mum and I both did the workouts 2 x a week for around 30-40 minutes at a time which was great for building our fitness and resistance for the videos themselves.

So it’s time to show the results and let the before and after photos speak for themselves:


As you can see from a side view, I have more definition on my stomach muscles and my ab muscles look more toned.


Again you can see that my stomach is a heck or a lot more toned and my waist looks tiny. I think the angle made my hips look a bit wider on the second photo but I did lose some inches so not sure what happened there.

Here were my starting stats:

Weight – 8st 6lb or 118lb 

Measurements of the areas that bother me most:

Waist – 25 inches but not very toned

Hips – 35.5 inches and again not very toned

Thighs – 19-20 inches each leg ”        “

My finishing stats are as follows;

Weight – 8st 5lb or 117lbs which I’m so happy with

Measurements of the areas that bother me most:

Waist – 24 inches and much more toned

Hips – 34 inches!!

Thighs – 18.5 inches each

I’m completely ecstatic with the results as I never set out to lose weight and purely wanted to tone up in areas that frustrated me. As you can see I lost an inch from my waist, 1.5 inches from my hips and 1-1.5 inches off my thighs. I’ve been super impressed with the Results with Lucy programme and feel happy and confident with my current body especially on the run up to my holiday.

You might be thinking “Laura your results are ok, but nothing amazing!” and I would completely understand that statement. That’s why I’m going to share my mum’s results as she has done so amazing. She didn’t want to share her starting stats etc but more her losses and I’m sure you will want to leave her a comment to congratulate her so far…

A 9.5lb weight loss

4 inches off her waist

5 inches off her stomach

3.5 inches off her hips

2 inches off each of her thighs 

1.5 inches off her arms.

I’m so proud of my mum and she’s definitely kickstarted her fitness journey in preparation for my wedding next year and her mission to be a slim mother of the bride.

If you are looking for a great way to workout from home without the embarrassment of going to the gym then this programme will be perfect for you and offer a great way of toning up or losing weight. I’m now working on the GymCube service which works in a similar way so keep your eyes peeled for posts coming up soon.

Laura x

*The results with lucy plan was gifted to me to review but all findings and opinions are my own as always*

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GymCube: A new type of gym contract

Have no fear ladies and gentlemen, you don’t need to run scared with the mention of GYM! You don’t even have to step out of your living/bedroom to join this type of Gym contract.

GymCube is the latest in online classes meaning you can work out from the comfort of your own home instead of dragging your backside to the gym to grimace and sweat in front of complete strangers. Now you can sweat in the comfort of your own home and not care about that bit of hair plastered to your forehead.

After spending the past 12 weeks working out to Results with Lucy which is a similar online concept, I was excited to start another offering and GymCube certainly ticks all the boxes for me. From startup process, I was emailed very quickly by my online Personal Trainer who is contactable with anything health or fitness related throughout your membership. My Trainer is Kevin who has been credited with helping Kym Marsh and Natasha Hamilton with getting back into shape. It was nice to get an instant email straight away with someone to contact for help, as we all know it’s pretty hard to get motivated or even know what the right thing to do is.


Once logged in and ready to go there is various tabs to click your way through including exercise programmes, workout videos, foodcube (for all things food and nutrition related), meet the team, the blog and your membership.

What I like is that the exercise programmes themselves are split into different fitness levels and types depending on what takes your fancy and what suits you the most. If you’re a complete exercise novice or even a fitness fanatic, there’s something for everyone. You can even track your stats along the way to monitor your own progress throughout your plan.

Having spent the last 12 weeks already working out a couple of times a week, I intend to try out as much of this as I can and get the most out of the programmes, healthy recipes, and trainers help that I possibly can.

Bare with me on my exercise journey as I have the occasional fall of the wagon moment and chug wine instead of working out but now I have a goal (my wedding day 2017), I need to get myself into gear so I look and feel amazing on the day.

If you want to check out my review of the Results with Lucy plan then keep your eyes peeled for next weeks posts to see my results in full.

Laura x

*my GymCube membership has been gifted to me in exchange for an honest and open review over a 6 month period. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always*

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