My 3 Bargain Skincare Must Haves

Over the years, I’ve tried and tested what feels like hundreds of different products in order to find the right things for my skin. Finally I feel as though I have found a combination of 3 products that don’t cost the Earth, and also work well at keeping my skin on a tight leash.


First up is the Tea Tree cool & creamy wash. I actually bought this in the sale at Christmas for a bargain £3 and it has been a great find. My fiance’s sister actually mentioned she uses this and it always stuck in my mind to try it. I absolutely adore the Body shop ranges anyway but was a little wary of the Tea Tree ones being too hard on my skin. This gentle creamy wash only needs a little amount to lather into the skin and leaves my skin feeling refreshed and clean after use. I have definitely noticed a change in my skin now I’ve used it for a couple of weeks and will re-buy it again in the future for sure.

Next up in my product cupboard is the Effaclar Astringent Micro-Exfoliant Lotion from La Roche-Posay. This little number is perfect for tightening up the pores after cleansing opens them and clears them out. I don’t use this a lot because it can be quite strong but find that a few times a week is enough to make a difference. It helps tighten the skin before moisturising or applying makeup and like the cleanser, gives it a fresh feeling. This doesn’t cost a lot of money and can be bought from Boots but I generally wait for it to come on offer before re-stocking my shelves.

Last up on my skincare hit list is a handy tub of Sudocrem. Yes that’s right, the stuff that goes on bottoms of babies, gets dabbed on my zits. Whenever I have a particularly bad breakout or a big spot on my face, I dab a bit of this on and leave it overnight to heal the skin. It’s amazing at reducing redness and the size of spots in particular. I also notice that when my skin is bad it gets dried out and cracks, this helps with hydration and means I don’t need to add a lot of moisturiser to the skin. Again, this is a bargain buy and a tub lasts forever.

Hope you try these out if you haven’t already. If you have any other bargain buys I should try then let me know in the comments.

Laura x

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The Body Shop Summer Lovin event

We all know, I love a Body Shop event, and their most recent event has been no exception. I was invited to attend the ‘Summer Lovin’ event as part of their Drops of Light product feature. After commuting home from work, I trotted off the Coppergate shopping centre in York to attend another fun-filled event.

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I was greeted by the amazing Angela and Michelle who are the assistant and store managers of the shop itself. I have been to 3 events at this store and these two wonderful ladies live and breathe this company and have an exceptional knowledge of the products and the brand. There were 2 other amazing colleagues working the event who have been at the events in the past aswell and they are brilliant at giving guidance and recommending products for your needs.

The main focus of the ‘Summer Lovin’ event was to feature the new Drops of Light range which contains a brightening serum, a cleansing foam, a brightening day cream and an essence lotion. We were treated to a facial demonstration showing us how the products work and giving us the chance to try them out for ourselves.

032 040

My skin felt incredible after the facial and I was pretty happy walking round the shop make-up free for a while, which if you know me, isn’t something I take lightly.. I was lucky enough to be treated to a makeover after my facial from the lovely Abi and got to try out the body shop’s makeup range for myself. I’ve bought some of the foundations before and absolutely loved them so I couldn’t wait to try out their newest products. I have to say my skin looked amazing using their products and it opened my eyes to their incredible makeup range in full. When I got home later that night, my mum commented that my skin looked good and the bronzer added some warmth to my pretty pale skin.

035 036 037 038

Over the night, as well as facials there were hand massages and makeup demonstrations as well as the chance to wander round and take photos, ask questions, drink prosecco and eat some treats. Every time I’ve been to one of these events, I feel as though I’ve learnt something new about the company and feel really interested in the Body Shop itself and what new products it might bring out in future. I get really excited about new product launches nowadays which I never though I would when I was a teenager and gave no thought to my skincare routine.

The Drops of Light range as with most of their recent launches, have brought some premium products into the store but without the hefty price tag. What I like about the Body Shop is they are focusing on ethical products but branching into new ranges which appeals to a lot more people. I have loved every product I’ve tried from their store and wish I’d given them more time as a youngster. My favourite lines are the Aloe Vera options, the mango body range and the lip balms.

026 027


As with every event, I always spend money and decided this time to treat myself to some goodies from the Vitamin E range. I picked up the cream cleanser and toner as well as the sorbet moisturiser. I also decided to pick up a new shampoo on the recommendation of Laura from Beauty Best Friend as I’ve been struggling with my hair recently and need to try some new options. I’m excited to try these products out as well as several samples the store were kind enough to give us to try out.

022 023

I picked up a couple of leaflets whilst browsing which I thought I’d share with you as well. The first is the chance to have a skin consultation with the team and find out what works best for your skin. This is something I’ve done before with Dermalogica, Kiehls and Elemis so this is the perfect solution for the Body Shop to show off their great products. I also saw a body care consultation which asks you questions about your body and skin and then the staff can recommend based on your answers. Again, this is a fantastic concept and the body shop can offer you so much if you just give it a chance.

So to finish off this feature post I thought Id share a snippet of their newest launch: a Pinita Colada body range which smells Ah-Mazing! If the sold out Mojito range from last year is anything to go by, then this range will fly off the shelves, so act fast if you want to try it out yourself.


I hope you’ve been inspired to go and try Body Shop out if you haven’t already as there’s so many products on offer and something for everyone.

Laura x

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My Favourite Foundations

After struggling with my pale as hell skin colour for years and wishing I had a permanent tan, I have finally come to terms that it’s never gonna happen! I have searched the shops high and low for the best foundations that suit my skin and finally I have found a good bunch that work for me.


First up is two foundations from The Body Shop in the Extra Virgin Minerals range. Now having checked on the website, I’m gutted because you can’t buy either of these products anymore but they do a fab range of foundation anyway so no doubt I will find something anyway. I bought the palest creme minerals foundation as well as the liquid foundation. The creme product is amazingly light on the skin and looks completely natural. I will be looking to find another product just like this in future as it works wonders. The liquid foundation offers fab coverage as well but is a little thicker and leaves you with a dewy look rather than a blended option like the creme. Again, it’s a great product for those days when you have a lodger on your face.


My next 2 favourite foundations are definitely still on the market in the shape of Rimmel London. I wear Porcelain shades in both the Match Perfection and the Stay Matte Foundation. Both of these products are great to wear and don’t feel like you are slathering it all over your face. These have been my go to products for ages and they will always be on my repurchase list. I would say the Match perfection blends easier and leaves the skin with a light coverage but the stay matte definitely lasts all day but does go on a bit thicker.


I hope you’ve discovered some brands you wouldn’t normally purchase and it inspires you to go out and try them.

Laura x


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