Doll White Teeth whitening strips*

About 1 month ago I filled in a form to test out and review the Doll White 14 day whitening strips and was very fortunate to be chosen to do so. I have always wanted to try out whitening strips and see if they actually work so when this opportunity came up, I was thrilled.


I found the guides to use the strips really straight forward and easy to understand. The strips themselves come out on a plastic film and you have to carefully peel the strip off before moulding it into your teeth. You then wait for 30mins to give the strips time to work before pulling off and giving your teeth a rinse. The reason you need to rinse it that they leave a bit of a residue on your teeth afterwords and it isn’t the best thing in the world, but is minty fresh!


I used the strips as directed on the packaging and definitely noticed a difference after 14 days. Even some of my colleagues and friends noticed that my teeth looked whiter than normal – RESULT! I have taken a before and after shot of my teeth (cut and pasted my mouth so my spotty face wasn’t in the picture)





I would recommend these products and have been to people asking how I have made my teeth look whiter. You can buy the Doll White 14 day kit for £19.99 and even can buy a 56 day kit costing £63.99. That’s a whole lot fo teeth whitening going on. I will be purchasing these strips again in future especially for an event or a treat to make my gnashers look pearlier.

Thanks for reading.

Laura x

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