Instanatural Dead Sea Mud Mask

Just before Christmas I received the biggest tub of face mask in the post. I have reviewed products from Instanatural before and this one did not disappoint. This product came in the form of the Dead Sea Mud Mask. I love a good face mask and like to use them at least once a week to refresh and care for my skin. I was really excited to start using this one and testing it out, so I have been trying it for 3 weeks now and feel ready to share my thoughts with you all.


First thing to say about this product is the look of it when you open the tub. The best way to describe it is grey sludge. I kid you not folks it looks slimy and like it has solidified. If it wasn’t for the shine you wouldn’t even know it was soft to touch.When you touch it, it has a jelly like consistency and feel until you start applying it to your face. Once applied to the skin it is smooth to apply and easy to get a nice even layer.

The instructions say apply a thin layer which is exactly what I did. It then says leave to dry on the skin before rinsing off with warm water. It dries quite lightly on the skin and is actually barely visible to the eye. I quite liked this element of the face mask since normally you dry with cracked looking cement on your face. It definitely left my skin soft feeling however I would still say apply your normal moisturiser after using to keep the moisture locked in the skin. I wouldn’t say I have noticed a great difference to my skin however I think that down to a food intolerance more than bad skin in general.

I would say this is a fantastic product for those of you new to the world of face masks as it gives you a quick freshen up of the skin and if you don’t have problematic skin in general then this will probably give the quick fix you need. The tub is a huge size and would last ages so its value for money no doubt.

I hope you found this a useful little post.

Laura x


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Dermalogica Clean Start: My Thoughts.

I have never shied away from talking about my skin problems, however this time last year I would never have posted photos of myself online. After being inspired by the amazing Em from My Pale Skin Blog, I realised I shouldnt be ashamed of my spotty skin or blotchiness and just embrace it. I have reviewed lots of different skin care products in the last 8 months and my current routine of choice is the Dermalogica Clean Start range.


I actually received this from my auntie in New Zealand exactly 1 month ago now and started trying it out straight away. I arrived in New Zealand suffering a huge breakout so it was perfect timing to test this range. The products in the range are:

Clean Start Wash Off

Clean Start All Over clear

Clean Start Ready, Set, Scrub

Clean Start Welcome Matte Spf15

and Clean Start Bedtime for Breakouts

The first thing I noticed is that the range says Clean Start however all the products in the UK say Clear Start but the range is exactly the same.


You start by using the Wash off morning and night to cleanse the face with warm water and a flannel. I then used the All Over Clear morning and night as well with a cotton pad as not to get bacteria every wear. 3-5 times a week you should use the Ready, Set, Scrub to clear the face and refresh it. I will honestly say this is my favourite product in the range. Every time I used it, my face felt super clean and definitely fresher. Lastly use the Bedtime for Breakouts by applying a fine layer on an evening before bed or the Welcome Matte moisturiser on a morning before applying your makeup or just to add some moisture. I would say add moisturiser before bed as well as the kit can be quite drying and I found my skin felt a little tight. A dab of moisture fixed this quickly though.

I have seen a huge difference in my skin since starting this routine and can honestly say I’m scared to stray from it. I think when it comes to skin care going forward this will be my go to range and each product in the range is under £20 so a complete bargain. If you are looking to test it out for yourself, you can buy the starter kit with mini versions in to trial before you buy the larger versions.

I hope you’ve found this review useful and decide to buy these fab products for yourself.

Thanks for reading

Laura x


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Instanatural New Products

If you have read my blog for a while, you will have seen that I have reviewed Instanatural products before. I have been a big fan of some of them and some; not so much. I like the fact that every one of their products is different to the last including scents and textures. The 2 latest products that I have been lucky enough to be sent to review are the Skin Clearing treatment and the Youth Express Eye Gel.


I am really excited to try these new products out and my aim is to try them out for 30 days so that I can give an honest review to you lovely lot. As always my reviews will be truthful and I will never lie about how I feel about a product. Look out for the reviews coming your way in December.

Thanks for reading this short but sweet post.

Laura x

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