Vionic Footwear Review

If you’ve followed me during my pregnancy journey, you will have seen that I’ve tried out a few different footwear/accessory solutions to try to support my feet throughout the process. I tried out Vionic footwear back in June and when the opportunity to try out another pair came along, I was more than happy to say yes given my previous findings.

I received the absolutely stunning Kenley sneaker’s in a size 5 to try out and put to the test. My first thoughts were how gorgeous these are. They have lightweight flexibility and the upper’s are made from suede and have an almost shoe/brogue like appearance to them.

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Looking after my feet in pregnancy

I’m edging ever closer to my third trimester and pregnancy is absolutely flying by now. The first 20 weeks flew because we were planning the wedding and once the wedding had passed, it seemed that we had several slow weeks where I was getting bigger but it still felt like ages away until baby is with us. Needless to say it seems to be speeding up again and we are looking forward to getting the nursery decorated and the travel system on order.

The worst bit of late has been the unbearable heat that the UK had for a week or two. I know I shouldn’t complain about nice weather but when you’re too big to fit your normal clothes, heat is your nemesis. One thing I have taken to is wearing sandals a lot lately, mainly because they’re easy to get on and off and because they don’t squish my feet. The downside to wearing sandals a lot is that they don’t really offer you a lot of support all the time and your poor soles get sore. Well now it’s time to say goodbye to that problem and actually look after my tootsies.

When Vionic offered me the chance to review a pair of their sandals, I won’t lie; there was a pretty big smile on my face. I’ve always wanted a pair of sandals that look nice but are also good for the feet and these Nala T-Strap sandals are just that.

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Shoes to see you into Summer

Now the weather has finally picked up a bit, it’s time to move my usual trainers and brogues to the back of the wardrobe to make room for pretty sandals and more open shoes.

The fact that I’m pregnant has added to the need for comfier shoes so getting to shop for new shoes has been a lovely treat for my feet. I have picked 3 very different styles of shoes from Simply Be that I’ve chosen as my perfect shoes to transition into the nicer weather.

1. Sole Diva Tassel Loafers – £25

These are perfect for the office or work and what makes them even better is the fact they are wide fit. I chose black because it’s a colour that will go with most outfits especially with office wear.

2. Sole Diva Pom Pom Sandals – £28.00

These are my absolute favourite sandals I think I’ve ever owned. They look incredible on and would be great paired with a white summer dress. Hubby is not a fan of them but who cares – I love them!

3. Sole Diva ruffle Ballerina shoes – £18.00

Again I chose this pair because they work with jeans or office wear and once again they are wide fit – perfect for what could be some very swollen tootsies going forward.

I am always spoilt for choice when choosing items from Simply Be and after seeing advertising on the television so much, it made me more aware of some of the brands they sell on their site. If you are on the lookout for some new sandals/shoes or even wedges for summer then check them out.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post with Simply Be, the shoes were sent to me in exchange for an honest post and as always all content and photos are my own*

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