The Dine Taste Test

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to an Ambassador’s Dinner at The Mansion in Leeds. If you read my blog regularly, then you will know that I attended an event of theirs earlier in the year which you can read about HERE if you missed it.

The theme of this event was the “Dine Taste Test” with a different question for each course of the meal and the ultimate taste test at the end of the event featuring 5 sorbets of the same colour and the aim of guessing the flavours behind them all.

We were greeted with a drink upon arrival and introduced to Dan who headed up Dine at the venue. Once everyone had arrived, the canape’s started coming out and they all tasted and looked amazing.

The canape’s on offer were:

Purple Radish canape Shell

With Goat’s Cheese & Beetroot Caviar

Wild Mushroom Arancini

Saffron Aioli 

Fillet of Beef

Rolled in Pistachio

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That time my dog got invited to a blog event

Last month my family dog Millie received her first ever invitation to an event. That’s right my dog’s getting invites to events nowadays! Millie and I worked with the lovely folks at Monster Pet Supplies last year when Millie was sent a fantastic box of food and treats to review. This year it was Millie’s turn to meet these lovely folks in person as well as some of the other fantastic dogs that they have worked with recently.

Millie was invited to the Brand Reps Day at the Mansion in Roundhay Park, Leeds. Having never been there before, Millie immediately wanted to have a snoop round when she arrived and sniff out the best spots.

Millie was joined by myself and my mum and were introduced to Ada & Emma from Monster Pet Supplies before some of the other dogs arrived.

Millie was then treated to the celebrity treatment with her photo shoot and the chance to eat lots of treats and try lots of toys….

Millie wasn’t a fan of the photos if I’m honest, she never is at home either. However she carried on like a trooper and her face is now famous on the Royal Canin section of Monster Pet Supplies website.

Millie was then spoilt with her own Easter egg hunt round the park and once she knew what she was looking for, she was off like a shot to hunt those eggs. She then realised there were treats inside and was even more eager to get them open before we could stop her.

Millie had a fantastic day meeting the other dogs and playing in the park, and was thoroughly exhausted when she got home and had a nap.

Fame has not gone to her head though and she is still the same down to Earth pooch she was before.

Thank you to Monster Pet Supplies for inviting Millie to their brand rep day and for giving Millie lots of lovely treats to enjoy at home.

Laura x


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