Soul Insoles: a treat for your feet

My feet have taken one hell of a whack this pregnancy but fingers crossed, so far I’ve managed to avoid any swelling. When I say they’ve suffered I refer to the lack of ability to put ones shoes on and the reliance of slip on sandals which don’t always offer a great deal of support.

When I was sent some insoles to put to the test, I wasn’t sure what to expect. That probably sounds ridiculous but I’ve never needed to use insoles before so I wasn’t sure what they would feel like or whether I would like the idea of wearing them.

Souls Insoles are designed specifically for us pregnant ladies out there and are made to support your feet and arches throughout pregnancy.

As I’ve progressed throughout pregnancy, I have noticed that day-to-day the ability to see my feet is starting to slip out of my grasp and soon no doubt, I won’t be able to see them at all. This poses a problem for making sure they are well looked after but this is where the insoles have come in super handy.

The pair I received were Poppy Red as you can see, but you can also get them in Royal Purple, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Slate Grey and Silver, so a pair for most kind of shoes really and are a bargain at the moment at £19.99.

If you didn’t already know, hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy release a hormone called “Relaxin”. This loosens all the ligaments and tendons in you body including those in your feet; causing your arches to fall and increasing the size of your foot by a whole shoe size! As if your body doesn’t get big enough your feet suffer too.

I’ve been trying these out in my work shoes and trainers and have definitely felt a different level of comfort to anything I’ve worn before. Shoes aren’t always the comfiest creation especially when lots of ladies like to wear gorgeous shoes that cripple their feet. These insoles have a cushioned section in the arch that provides a good level of support and comfort when you’re out and about or stood on your feet for a period of time. In my job I’m office based but regularly find myself moving about to meetings etc so these have been a lifesaver at seeing me through my last trimester. I have 9 weeks to go and these will stick with me no doubt until she is here and even beyond if I can’t bear to part with them.

If you have long-suffering feet and are pregnant then I would definitely recommend these to help you relieve some of that pressure.

Laura x

*These items were sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review, no payment has been received and all thoughts and content are my own*

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The Souper Swap Challenge

About a month ago I was challenged by Baxter’s to take part in their Souper Swap Challenge where the test was to swap your usual lunch for one of their heart soup’s. A week later I received an enormous box of soup’s to put to the test…

The Souper Swap Challenge Ultimate Box was the I was trialling and contained a mix of their Hearty range as well as some of their Vegetarian Options.

The next day at work, I put them to the test and kicked it off with Tuscan Style Bean, Bacon & Pecorino which tasted amazing and definitely left me feeling fuller for longer. A big tick for the hearty range already.

Next day was the turn of one of the vegetarian options in the shape of Carrot and Coriander a firm soup favourite of mine. This also tasted amazing but unlike the hearty range, did not leave me with a full feeling for as long and I found myself snacking on fruit and crisps in the afternoon.

I have to admit I found this for all the vegetarian range actually, they all taste incredible but really didn’t ward of the hunger for as long. The hearty range tastes both amazing and fills you up all afternoon; WIN, WIN!

Now here’s the golden question; did I manage to swap my lunches for soup for 2 whole working weeks?

The short answer is NO!

I actually struggled to constantly eat soup every day for lunch despite all the different and amazing flavours of them. I found that after a few days of soup, my body was crying out for some carbs and had to succumb to the call of Bread.

I know, I know naughty eh? But actually if soup works for you and you don’t mind eating it every day then what a great way to try new flavours. If like me, you would struggle then it’s still a great idea, but it might mean adding the odd sarnie in the mix to break it up a little.

I’ve loved trying these soups out and the fiancé was very jealous at the smells of some of these as they really do taste incredible. I love that a lot of the hearty range includes beans in their soup as I love the texture but did enjoy the vegetarian Spicy Tomato and Rice with Sweetcorn.

If you fancy something different for your lunch then give the Souper Swap Challenge a go!


Laura x

*These soups were sent to me in order to take part in the Baxter’s Souper Swap Challenge, all thoughts and photos are my own*

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That time I fell in love with a car

A couple of weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to get the chance to borrow the brand new Toyota CHR for the weekend and boy was Bobby pleased with the prospect of trying this baby out. I have been a Toyota fan since learning to drive in a Yaris 8 years ago and subsequently bought myself one several years later when I’d saved up enough money. Fast forward to this year and I can’t believe that my blog has given me the chance to borrow an incredible car for a whole weekend.

So here’s some facts about the car:

It’s a Hybrid meaning it runs on both electric and petrol making it a very economical vehicle.

It comes in both Automatic and Petrol as well as 2-wheel and 4-wheel drives.

It has a super quiet start-up when you switch on the engine – it was eerie to get used to at first.

We borrowed the car on the Friday evening after work and left my trusty Yaris in the care of the dealership as it was due its service the following day anyway. When we went to the dealership the lovely Manager Ian welcomed us before Mark showed us what the car could do and how to use it to the best of its capabilities. Once that was done, it was time to cruise home in the smoothest ride and show off the car in all its glory.

Some of my favourite things in the car were the reversing cameras to assist with parking and pulling off our driveway, the heated leather seats which were a dream, the sat nav which is easy to use and the media screen was simple to navigate. I also really loved driving an Automatic car which I was dreading to begin with but now I’m sad I have to drive my manual car again : ( The camera assists really makes driving a lot less stressful and can be a nice help when parking the CHR.

We decided to drive mainly around York on the Saturday and boy did it catch people’s attention! The car really is eye-catching and looks incredible so I’m not surprised as I loved walking up to the car and getting into it. On the Sunday we drove round the Yorkshire Moors showing how well this car really can handle itself on the single track lanes and muddy slopes that we drove down. It was ideal for a bit of countryside driving as well as driving in the city.

Another feature of the car that I loved was having the key in my pocket and being able to open the car without pressing anything. Even if I walked up to the car in the dark, it lit up inside and even projected the car’s name onto the floor from the wing mirrors! I mean how amazing is that?

In a nutshell; this car is incredible. Both Bobby and I loved driving it and neither of us had a negative thing to say about it. It is really quiet to drive, has all the tech if you go for one of the higher spec models and has a huge boot for shopping.

Would I buy one?

Absolutely and we have contemplated it as we are in the market for a new car anyway. This particular model was circa £28k as it had pretty much everything on it but the entry-level versions start from £20k so a more affordable option for some people.


The safety features of the car included braking itself when it felt you weren’t quick enough on the pedal, auto sensors that beeped when you drifted over the lines on the road and even technology that read speed limits to alert you to a change in speed limit in case you had missed the sign yourself. When thinking about these features, it’s important to remember when your MOT and service are due. If you are ever unsure, you can use this handy MOT Checking tool which requires you knowing the vehicle registration, inputting then receiving the date your MOT is due. As easy as that.

Laura x

*Thanks to Vantage Toyota York for lending us this amazing car for the weekend. No payment has been received for this post*

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