Relationship Goals For 2016: Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

It’s nearly 2016, and like always with the start of a new year, we will each make resolutions. Some of which we will stick to, for a while at least, and others we will most probably give up on relatively quickly.


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This year, instead of creating resolutions for yourself, why not come up with a list of relationship goals for you and your partner? It’s easy to slip into a routine of doing the same thing day in, day out when you’re in a relationship. Make things a little more exciting by setting goals for you and your partner to complete throughout the year. In need of a little inspiration? To help you get started with your list, here are a few ideas:

Do more fun things

Spending your time off sat on the sofa watching movies in your pajamas is a complete waste of time. We’ve all been there – entire weekend Netflix binge anyone, but on your time off you should get out and do things. Studies have shown that couples that do different things tend to be happier and have healthier relationships.

Spend your time off doing fun things together. Fill a jar with various activities and each time you have a day off, pick one out. Whatever comes out of the jar, the two of you have to do. (It’s a good idea to label each activity with on of the following; easy to plan or needs organising.)

Whether it’s a trip to the movies or a day out at a theme park, it’s important to get out of the house. The good news is that if money is an issue, online you can get everything from cheap theme park tickets to free entry to certain attractions. This means that no matter how much you have to spend, you can always get out of the house.

Plan to take a trip

If you don’t regularly travel together, make 2016 the year that you change that. Plan to take a trip to somewhere, that you have always wanted to visit. It might take a bit of saving to get there, but it’s worth scrimping for. Traveling as a couple is enriching, it teaches you about each other, as well as other cultures.

At the start of the year, sit down and start planning your trip. Choose a destination and set a date, and then work out how much you’ll need to save. If you want to fulfil your travel plans, it’s essential that you start to get organised as early as possible. (The earlier you start planning, the longer you have to save up.)

Do something for charity


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Make 2016 the year when you give something back. While you could raise money alone, doing it with your partner will make the experience, even more, memorable. If there’s a charity that’s close to yours or your partner’s heart, plan to raise some money for it. If you’re stuck for ideas, Cancer Research UK is always a good one, as it helps so many people.

Don’t just do a run for charity, instead, get creative with how you’ll raise the money. Think about the types of things that will push you both out of your comfort zones, and opt to do one of these. Not only will this increase the amount of sponsors that you get, but will also help you to grow as a person. (Stepping out of our comfort zones is important, as it helps us to become stronger and more resilient people.)

How about doing a sponsored sky dive or what about going deep-sea diving with sharks? Perhaps you could attempt to cycle from one destination to another, or maybe you could give an extreme sport a try? Think outside the box and you can come up with an unusual idea for how you and your partner can raise money for charity.

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you to make 2016 the most amazing year for you and your partner.

Laura x

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