My Beauty Hoarding

A few months ago when blogging was still a pretty new thing to me, I wrote about how I have hundreds of beauty products and my plan was to blog about them and compare. If you read my blog then you will see that this plan lasted a grand total of about 2 posts and then ended. The main reason for this is due to the fact that I have been lucky enough to try to review lots of other products and the collections posts took a back seat.

Well… I’m back! To share all my different collections of products and hopefully provide you lovely people with some fantastic reviews in the next few months so you can decide if the products are for you too.


So as you can see from the main picture above, I have a lot of different sets that need using. I am currently using a mix of everything if I’m honest because they all do different things. The sets are made up of….


A range of Soap & Glory products which I absolutely love and always get sets at christmas because it’s a known fact how much I love them.


Some Nourish skin products which I won in a twitter competition from London Grace. I can’t wait to start using these products as they look incredible.


Some Eucerin skin goodies for sensitive skin. These are perfect for my very annoying skin as they cater for sensitive and dry skin which ticks the boxes for me. I also won these in a twitter competition from Escentual.


Two incredible SBC Gels goodies to try out which were sent by SBC directly to try out after featuring some of their gels on a post 2 weeks ago. I love this brand and so far these two products are outstanding.


Tanning goodies up next from For All My Eternity. I’m not a big tanning person because due to my Casper like skin, false tan normally makes me a bit orangey. I am willing to try these out all in the name of science to get a good review.


Lastly I have some La Roche Posay treats to use. I tried them a few months ago and my skin at the time didn’t handle the products very well however this time round, my skin seems to be ok.

This is a bit of an introductory post to my hoard of beauty products so keep your eyes peeled for the reviews coming in the next couple of months. Hopefully if you have been eyeing any of them up for yourself then you will find the posts useful.

Thanks for reading

Laura x

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My Current Face

I thought I would start the week off with a post I haven’t done before; one about the products I am currently using to make myself look acceptable on an average day. I work in a customer facing job and try to keep my everyday makeup pretty simple so that it doesn’t look crazy or starts sliding off my face after a stressful day. (I’m not suggesting my face is very oily btw)


I start off with foundation and am currently using Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory. This foundation is fab and my go to base as it gives great coverage but is not overly thick looking. I am a pale person (Caspar the ghost pale) so I always want to be careful that I don’t get a line on my jaw with any foundation. I have a couple of these foundations so that I don’t run out anytime soon and will continue to use this one in the future.

I then use a dab of Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation in Ivory again as a touch up to conceal any imperfections that have snuck their way through the base foundation. This has been a go to product of mine for a couple of years now and i can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon.

Next I have been using Soap & glory Thick & fast mascara on my lashes everyday. It is lovely and light and the brush doesn’t give me a clumpy look like spiders legs which i cannot stand. it looks lovely and natural and i absolutely love the effect it has.

Lastly I try to use a bit of bronzer to highlight my cheeks and the occasional light shade of eyeshadow on my lids. I don’t use much, just a mere smattering of colour to give some warmth to my face and look less pasty and ghostlike. Currently I am using a palette that’s from Next and I absolutely love all the metallic eyeshadow shades and the lovely bronzer shades in it.

I don’t mix up my makeup a great deal as once I find a good product, I tend to stick to it. For a night out I would use a different mascara maybe and darker eye shadow shades but my base doesn’t change at all really.

Have you shared your everyday face makeup recently? and can you recommend any products to me?

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Laura x

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