August Empties

Better late than never, I’m finally getting round to writing up the August Empties post now that we are 2 weeks into the month. Shameful beauty blogger eh?!

Anyway as I’m writing this, it’s a sunny but freezing day and I’m officially 37 weeks pregnant. I love writing my empties post’s as it’s always fun to see how much I’ve managed to clear out that month but also to share my thoughts on different products I’ve used. In August I used up an outstanding 8 products ranging from skincare to body care and it’s now time to share my thoughts.

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The SCA Summer Cleaning Challenge

Now that I own my home, I realise how much effort it takes to actually clean a big house and how much time my mum put into keeping ours tidy before I moved out.

When I was contacted to see if I wanted to take part in the SCA summer cleaning challenge, I was more than happy to oblige and share some of my top tips and hacks for helping speed up the process of cleaning the home. I received a lovely goodie bag of products to help inspire me to create new hacks which you can see below.


My first hack was to make use of the compost bucket. Now we are pretty lucky enough to have a compost bucket with our local council so I didn’t really need it for that usage. Instead I decided to use it for all my pegs! Yep that’s right, it currently houses all the pegs for my washing line making it rather handy for grabbing to take out and hang clothing.

Next up is trying to find a hack for the smell from the bins. Now usually I would use regular old air freshener and just blast it every few days before giving the kitchen bin a proper clean. I received the very awesome bin buddy in my bundle which is a great citrus product which kills germs and neutralises odours in your kitchen bin. This smells awesome and is great for just shaking into the bin. I will definitely be buying this product again in the future as it really is so handy.


Another hack I use it kitchen roll and Glass spray. I find that kitchen roll works great rather than dry cloths etc which tend to leave smears. I use it all the time on our patio doors and windows as we have a fair few to clean in this house and I’d be lost without plain old kitchen roll. I’m so glad I received a giant roll of Plenty in my bundle.

My next favourite household feature is a good old-fashioned feather duster. I have some pretty high ceilings and bits of furniture that need regular dusting and we kept forgetting to buy one every time we ventured to the shops. To my amazement I received a lovely new one in the bundle which has been extremely handy for keeping cobwebs at bay and dusting everywhere.


In terms of cleaning my shower I always use Mr Muscle shower products and also use a kitchen scrubbing-brush to help clear grime and dirt out of the grout and tiling of the shower. I started to do this when we moved in as I was struggling to clean some of the dirt left from previous owners and this was the only thing that helped. The long bristles meant I could get right into the grout and scrub away without damaging any tiles or the grout itself. It’s my favourite cleaning tip if I’m completely honest.


Last up on the cleaning tips is 2 smaller suggestions in my opinion. My black and decker handheld and cleaning wipes. Cleaning wipes are not only great for wiping down surfaces or leather but are also brilliant for carpeted floor and grabbing hair from the carpet itself. It sounds weird but if you have long hair especially it can get embedded into the carpet if you aren’t careful. This is a great way of gathering up hair and also leaving your carpet smelling clean and fresh.


When it comes to the black and decker handheld, this is super useful for crevices in sofas or harder to reach parts of your room. I struggle to lift heavy furniture myself so this is great for getting under sofas or behind objects that are more difficult to reach. It’s come in very handy since we received it and I’ve used it quite a lot so far.


So these are my handy tips as part of the SCA summer cleaning campaign and I hope they’ve inspired you to try something different yourself.

Laura x

*All the items in the first picture were sent to me to feature in the review, some others featured were bought by myself. No payment has been received for this post*

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August Empties

Another month over and a new empties post for you to feast your eyes on.

It’s been a busy ol’ month and finally the house feels like it’s coming together. I will be doing a few home related posts soon which I can’t wait to write-up and share with you all, but as usual the end of the month brings my empty products and a chance to share my thoughts about them. I’ve used 5 products up this month and they have mixed reviews as well so I hope you enjoy them.


First up is the Absolute Dream Clean cleanser from Formula 10.0.6. I bought this whilst in New Zealand last year as part of a set. This great creamy cleanser foams well when water is added and isn’t harsh on the skin. The only negative I would say is that it is quite drying and leaves you needing a fair whack of moisturiser afterwards to soothe the skin. My overall rating is 3/5.

Next up is the St Ives Blemish Fighting Apricot Scrub. I bought this when my skin was really bad before my holidays and I was struggling with covering blemishes up. I started using the scrub immediately and admit, the smell is what incentivized me. The scrub is gentle but does scrub the dead skin away and help to get into the pores to clean them out. I used it once a week and did start to see a big improvement but found you couldn’t use it too often without being harsh on the skin. My overall rating is 4/5.

In terms of my hair, this month I finished Schwarzkopf Supersoft Colour Shine Conditioner. I have to say, I was rather disappointed by this conditioner. When I condition normally it leaves my hair soft and shiny and easy to brush through any knots. With this particular product I found it didn’t have the same effect as others I have used. It is a cheap product and you can pick it up for around £1 but I wouldn’t repurchase it again. My overall rating is 1/5.

Back to the face again and I finished a little travel size Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster spf30. I absolutely swear by this stuff now and loved using it on holiday earlier in summer. I have carried on using it as I know the importance of using sunscreen wherever possible and love using it to act as a primer before applying my makeup. I love the brand anyway and think this is a great product that it has to offer. I will definitely be buying it again for my holidays next year. My overall rating is 5/5.

Last but not least is the Soft & Gentle roll on deodorant. This one is orange blossom and grapefruit and smells amazing. I love roll on deodorants rather than spray cans as you minimise the risk of getting white marks on your clothes with them. This range is fab and has so many different scents to choose from. I already have as couple more in the cupboard as I love them so much. My overall rating is 4/5.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my monthly empties. While you’re reading let me know what you think of my photograph. I decided to change the background from my usual tile option and think I like this one much better.

Thanks for stopping by.

Laura x

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