A Primark Baby Haul

So Last week on my Instagram stories, I shared that I’d been for a trip to Primark and picked up some pieces for Freya in the next couple of sizes up. I wanted to do a little post on what I’d picked up but as they are for the next couple of sizes up rather than now, I’ll have to share Baby OOTD pictures at a later date of her modelling them. I got a lot more 9-12 months as we have a hefty amount of 6-9 month clothing already.

First up I picked up this pack of 2 leggings in Turquoise and Pink with Unicorn Print in 9-12 months for a bargain price of £3. I love them so much so I may well go back and buy the 6-9 months as well.

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A Primark Haul

Last Sunday I ventured off to Harrogate for a day of shopping with my brother and mum. The main aim of the shopping trip was to go to Primark as the one being built in York is taking its sweet time to be finished. I love a good shopping trip to Primark however I am trying to curb my spending and save as much as possible to buy my own flat. I did pick up some lovely bits and pieces and have photographed a few of my favourites to share with you all.


First up I purchased a new bedding set and bed sheet which can be seen as the background and is a lovely slate grey colour. The sheet cost a bargain £5.80 and the bedding set a mere £13.00. I love the set I purchased and I have shared a picture of the set on my bed further down. I also bought this fantastic floppy felt black hat for £8.00. I have wanted a hat like this for ages and thought if I only spend £8.00 then if I don’t wear it loads it isn’t a huge loss. Also in the picture are some gorgeous gold sandals which cost me a whopping £4.00. I actually saw these sandals on my friend and she told me where to buy them so I was on a mission after that. These will be fab for my travels to New Zealand in November.


Next up I treated myself to some new Pj’s. I bought 2 sets which are vest/shorts and will be saving one for my holiday and one for now. I got the biscuit set and a set with pineapples on and absolutely love them both. I think each set was around £4.00 or £5.00 so amazing value for money and they wash really well too.


I also got several pairs of plain black pumps for work costing £4.00 each as they are so practical and easy to replace at that price. I need to invest in a really good paid of black shoes that will perhaps last a bit longer than these but it’s on my list to do.

This haul was only a mini one really but I have been trying to spend less money and this was a treat in my eyes. I was pleased with all my buys this time and will get use out of everything. I will share in future hauls with you in the run up to my holidays and let you know what I will be taking to New Zealand.

Thanks for reading.

Laura x

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A Primark Haul

Last week I went to Primark for the first time in ages. I had a list in my head of what I wanted to get and only got 1 of those things! As usual, I grabbed a basket and threw things in, not really totting it up until I see the price on the till! OOPS I picked up a few lovely things and it came to around £46 in the end which for me is not bad at all.

Here is what I purchased…


First up the shoes. the pair on the left cost £10.00 and the pair on the right are £8.00. I was after some sandals for my trip to New Zealand in November and don’t want to leave it to late or all the summer clothes will be gone and there will only be Winter stuff then. I love both pairs and they feel really comfy when on.


Next up the clothes. I didn’t buy too many; a Game of Thrones Tee costing me a whole £6, some gorgeous black and white Aztec shorts which were £6 too and a blue and white floral cami that cost £6 too. I love cami’s and this one will be perfect in the summer with some jeans or a maxi skirt. The shorts I will keep for my holiday and the tee is just a treat for myself since I absolutely LOVE GOT!




Next up I treated myself to 2 ring sets. I don’t normally wear a lot of jewellery but I love the midi ring trend that is happening right now and really wanted some myself, At a bargain price of £1.50 and £2.50, how could I say no?!

Lastly I picked up a travel pillow for £3 for my immense 27 hour plane journeys later in the year. i havent photographed it as I have put it away in my suitcase to start gathering bits and pieces together but overall I am really pleased with what I bought, but not doubt I will head back to primark several more times before November.

What Primark bargains have you picked up recently? leave your links in the comments section.

Laura x

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