8 things I’ve learnt since having a baby

I’ve been wanting to sit down and write this post for a while, and I’ll be completely frank; I’m going to make it a very honest post but try to inject some funny.

Now let’s start from the beginning.

  • I count myself lucky to have had a straightforward labour and birth with Freya that required no medical intervention or drugs. Great I thought when it was all over and Freya was placed in my arms. What I didn’t realise was that I wouldn’t walk properly for around 2 weeks and going for a wee meant the fear of my womb dropping out of me. I’m not even exaggerating, the feeling is hard to describe but crikey it’s horrible.
  • When you finally go for a number 2 (yes I just said that), you feel fear but then suddenly super proud of the fact that your body can still function that way and nothing fell out. (yes you’ll probably have a look just to check because the sensation is so freaky).
  • The first day on your own with a newborn baby when your husband/partner returns to work is truly terrifying. One minute you think you’re bossing it and the next both the baby and you are crying and you don’t know what to do next. Bob had to go back to work after 1 week so I think it made it slightly harder but he left work early that day to take over for me and let me have a 2 hour nap. (good husband points)
  • When people tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps, take advantage if you can especially in those early days. I tried to use my time to do housework and ended up exhausted some days. I soon realised the house could be cleaned when Bob got home and I should take advantage of sleeping as much as possible.

  • There’s nothing quite like your first poonami and the smell is like nothing you’ve ever smelt before. The minute it hits you, you want to vomit but you’ve got to get your own crap together and sort this little human out. Have lots of wipes to hand and several nappy bags to bag up those really bad ones multiple times.
  • You might remember to eat once a day. I am not even kidding about this one. Those first 4-5 weeks, I had to really make an effort to grab lunch even if it was a slice of toast . Even now at 4 months postpartum, I have to prep for the week so I don’t miss a meal. The older these little ones get, the more energy you need to look after them so eating 3 good meals a day is vital.
  • It’s super easy to gain weight during pregnancy but losing those pounds after is flaming hard. I gained 3 stone during my pregnancy and I’ve finally managed to fit into a couple of pairs of my pre-pregnancy jeans (the stretchy ones obvs). My hips are wider and I’ve probably gained muscle as I stayed reasonably fit during pregnancy but I am still almost 1 stone heavier than I was before I got pregnant, and I’m ok with that. My aim is to lose around 6lbs but I’m doing it healthily and not rushing myself.
  • Being a mum is amazing. Those first 6 weeks are hard and nothing really prepares you for how upside down your life gets for a while. But after they pass, you start getting smiles and giggles from that little human and it’s incredible. Freya sleeps fantastically and started sleeping through from 10 weeks. She has a good feeding routine during the day and naps are generally at the same time most days. This has been thrown out the window the last few days due to teething but I know it will go back to normal at some point.

If you can relate to any of the above then I’d love to hear about them so leave links to posts or comments below.

Laura x


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Motivating yourself after having a baby

Having a baby is a complete shock to the system. Not only are you sleep deprived and struggling to get both baby and yourself ready before 12pm each day, but your body has gone through one hell of a ride.

I think before having Freya, I had it in my head that it would be straight forward and I would slip back into my pre-pregnancy jeans within a matter of weeks. The reality is that almost 9 weeks postpartum, I am still not quite squeezing back into my jeans. A couple of weeks ago, I found this really hard to digest and was pretty frustrated that I hadn’t just lost the last of my baby weight. The truth is getting motivated is quite hard with a new baby and planning time to work out is easier said than done.

I’ve finally got my mojo back and have a deadline to work towards now that I feel is giving me a much-needed kick up the butt. I’ve definitely been complacent and just thought the weight would drop off easily if I give it a little longer, but without doing some toning exercises at least, I won’t see a difference. Bob gave me his Fitbit to monitor my daily activity so I’ve been aiming to do 10’000 steps a day and at least 40 minutes of activity. In the last week I’ve managed to smash my targets every day and can start to feel my muscles aching a little which is a wonderful feeling after so long of not doing much physical activity at all.

I got this amazing outfit from lovethesales.com for a family wedding we are attending in February so the countdown is on now to lose an inch on my waist to fit the skirt comfortably as I won’t lie, it’s on the snug side right now.

My plan is to up my steps target to 12’500 a day, at least 40 minutes of HIIT style activity to tone and increase my cardio and continue to eat/snack healthily. I now have my amazing Origins Bike to start using which should help with cardio and I’ve asked for a Nutribullet for Christmas to help make nutritional smoothies/shakes which should stop me skipping lunch which is something I am guilty of doing when running about like a mad woman.

I’ll be sharing my journey on my Instagram page so please give me a follow if you’d like to see my postpartum progress first hand.

Laura x

*post contains PR samples*
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Finding the right Maternity Denim

As an avid wearer of jeans and a hoody, getting pregnant at the start of the year rung alarm bells when it came to my maternity style. I struggled with the change in my body shape and trying to dress for work everyday became a real challenge. My trusty jeans lasted as long as a hair bobble would stretch to keep them done up and then it suddenly became time to actually buy some maternity jeans.

I visited several changing rooms in my attempt to find the right pairs of jeans to see me through to the end of my pregnancy before I finally settled on a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of boyfriend jeans. These were fab and now that Freya is here; are packed away in storage for any future pregnancies. During my search I came across Mothercare’s Denim range which has a huge selection of denim options. When looking through the website, I chose 3 of my favourite pairs to test at home and see how well they worked for the pregnant lady.

The Girlfriend Jeans

These jeans are super comfortable and very giving with the stretchy band that allows you to where them over the bump and under. I am still wearing all of my stretchy maternity jeans now Freya has arrived as none of my pre-pregnancy jeans fit my mum tum yet.

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