The Last-minute Gift Giver

Hello to my lovely readers and my apologies for not writing a post for a bit. Trying to balance working full-time/commuting 2 hours a day/being a mum/doing housework/writing a blog and setting up a business is definitely a challenge and I’m still getting used to using my time effectively. For now though, I am back with a brand new post and it’s all about the perfect service for those last-minute gift givers out there.

A couple of weeks ago it was Bob’s (my husband for those of you just tuning in) birthday and rather than buy him a crappy gift that he wouldn’t really want, I asked him outright for something he had his eye on. Cue a dash to the supermarket and my old friend Amazon, I purchased 2 bottles of whiskey and placed them ready in a gift bag. Makes me sound very thoughtless doesn’t it? but hold your horses! I then decided to get something a bit more personal but with limited time to do it, I knew I needed something with a quick turnaround service.

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What I do with my travel photos once I’ve returned home

As we creep ever closer to the due date of our first child, it’s got us thinking about photos an storage options as no doubt we will take endless snaps of our little one once she arrives.

This realisation that we need to purchase a bigger hard drive for said photos got me reminiscing over our old snaps from the 9 years we’ve been together and in particular, some of our holiday snaps.

Destination 2 conveniently got in touch around the same time (a very strange coincidence I will just confirm) and asked me what exactly I did with those holiday snaps and whether I printed them out or stored them in albums or photo frames. They’ve recently found some stats when it comes to travel photos and I thought I’d share them with you below:

“29 per cent admit to leaving snaps on the computer. A further 29 per cent admit to not doing anything with them at all while over 14 per cent go as far as putting them in a separate folder on their phone.

When it came to making hard copies of the images, only 12.5 per cent of holidaymakers make the effort to get them printed. The remainder of us either create an album on our phones or share them on social media.”

I will be completely honest and say that I am in that 29% who leave their snaps on their computer as well as not making hard copies either.
Playa Blanca, Lanzarote – 2016
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7 Days in Instagram Snaps

I am not an avid Instagram user, and most of the time, forget to upload snaps in the moment and then look back thinking damn later on! Last week, I was on my A game and made a conscious effort to upload every day to up my Insta game. I thought I would share a 7 day look into my feed so you can get a glimpse of my life and an idea of many more to come going forward.

Day 1 – A look into the Proactiv Skincare regime I’ve started


Day 2 – The #GotMaHurrDid emoji air freshener hanging in my Bro’s car


Day 3 – The start of a new trial ft The Beauty Kitchen


Day 4 – Millie sprawled out on the bed watching me eat cereal (exciting times I know!)


Day 5 – The Scoff Club review over on my blog


Day 6 – My Recent Beauty Buys with some lovely new bits to try out


Day 7 – Millie enjoying a super sunny Saturday in York


If you can’t already guess, expect to see more of Millie in my feed, more beauty bits from my blog and every so often a smattering of mouth-watering food. I intend to up my game more so take a look if you have the time.


Laura x

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