It’s a New Year

If you’d have shown me a picture of my life today, this time last year; I would never have believed you.

2017 was a year of incredible things including:

Buying ourselves our dream cars.

Getting married after 9 years together.

Finding out I was pregnant, finding out it was a girl and then in September; giving birth to our daughter Freya Penelope Ella Moore.

Being chosen as an Origins Ambassador for the York store.

Our families always joke that we never do things far apart and always seem to have a lot going on at once. In 2016 we got engaged, went on holiday, bought our first home and both got promotions to name a few.

So when it comes to 2018, we are both hoping it will be a little calmer than the previous couple of years have been. Here are a few of the things we are looking forward to.

I will be continuing as an Origins Ambassador and arranging a few more events with the York store so keep your eyes peeled as there is one coming in February.

Our first family holiday abroad and hopefully a UK break as well.

A family wedding in 4 weeks time.

Freya’s first birthday in September! (she’s only just over 3 months so we have a while to go thankfully)

I don’t know what else this year has in store for us other than my maternity leave ending later in the year and returning to work. I hope there are surprises and lots of laughter as we watch our little one turn into a toddler. When it comes to myself, I intend to shift 5-7 lbs of weight that I still haven’t managed to get rid of since having Freya. I also plan on using some Christmas money to reinvent my style a little as I feel like I’ve outgrown my old wardrobe and without a doubt have outgrown my skinny jeans.

Here’s to a wonderful year full of health and happiness.

Laura x

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Let’s recap

I’m pumped and ready to up my blogging game in 2017 but before I start writing as usual, I thought I’d look back on 2016 and share some of the highs and lows.

The start of the year wasn’t great for us as the vendor we were purchasing a house off, decided to pull out of the sale. I actually cried when it happened because it was the 3rd house we had started buying and something else had gone wrong. We got some perspective and decided to save some more and just look occasionally for properties in the village we love.

Fast forward to March when I spotted a dream house at the top of our budget that came onto the scene. Immediately I sent it to Bobby who set a viewing up straight away and 48 hours later, our offer was accepted! Ridiculously fast but it felt like fate.

Next the England rugby union team won the Six Nations and we celebrated with a bottle of wine. (yes it was a big deal – do not judge)

A mere week later, Bobby got down on one knee and proposed on Easter Sunday almost 8 years after meeting at college. Cue awwww’s all round please. 

2 Months later we booked our wedding for May 2017 which is coming round at insane speed and now it’s finally 2017, I can say we get married this year!

In June we went to Lanzarote for 2 weeks holiday and had the most amazing time. I’ve never been so it was a nice relaxing break in the midst of house buying that we needed.

Whilst on holiday, BREXIT happened…. enough said about that.

But this then led to our house exchange being pushed through and we came back off holiday a week later to the keys for our new home.

It’s now been 6 months in our home and we’ve celebrated out first christmas and new year with friends and family, both of which were amazing.

In those 6 months, both Bobby & I have had promotions at work which has been incredible and has meant that saving for the wedding has been made that much easier.

Blogging wise, I’ve had a great year that’s seen my twitter followers end the year at 3000+, my instagram followers are over 600 (something I thought would never happen) and my DA has increased as well. I’ve tried to ignore numbers in the last few months and just focused on content and photos instead so hopefully this is why I’ve seen such growth.

Going into 2017, I will be getting married in May, hopefully getting to go on an amazing honeymoon (which is yet to be booked) and blogging lots more. I aim to attend more blogging events and meet those bloggers I interact with or even if I haven’t, meet some incredible people. YouTube is something I’ve thought about and toyed with the idea of all year so I’m hoping I just grow a pair (not literally) and actually get on with it but it might have to wait until after the wedding.

If you’ve read my blog in 2016 then thank you so much, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading in 2017 as well.

Love Laura x


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It’s a New Year, Welcome to 2015!

2015 New Year celebration

We are 2 days into 2015 and I haven’t posted for a couple of weeks. I do apologize for this but its been a busy couple of weeks with work and visiting lots of family, and this is the first time I’ve been able to sit down for an extended time at my laptop.

I hope everyone’s New Year was amazing 🙂 I spent mine with the other half and friends in the local pub until about 11pm then went home and put some buffet nibbles in the oven to ring in the bells with food and prosecco. Lovely way to spend the new year with the bf.

I wanted to write this blog post to tell people about my 2015 plans.

1. To blog more frequently and tweak my blog as my head’s been buzzing with ideas lately.
2. To get a step up on the career ladder. (v.important indeed)
3. To move into our 1st home.
4. To still go away and already I have a holiday lined up and another one in the works.
5. To enjoy every single day…

This is my 5 point plan and no doubt it will be a bigger list by the end of the year. Please comment or tweet me with your plans as well @lauraknowslife

Laura x

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