Makeup revolution: Go to Hell review

My final review of the Go! palette’s from Makeup revolution is of the Go to Hell palette and what a finale it is. This like the Go to Heaven palette features 18 eyeshadow shades all of which pop and are eye-catching.


All the shades of this palette are a lot darker and would look fab on a night out or for something special. I’m not sure I would wear them day to day as they would look a bit harsh on me at work and they would look too much. The first swatch pic is of the shades on the outer ring and the second on the inner ring.


I like all the colours on the rings and would wear them for a meal or a night out perhaps but definitely not during the day for work as it just wouldnt look quite right with my everyday makeup but for another bargain £3.99 on the makeup revolution website I am more than happy with the palette overall.


Laura x

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Makeup revolution: Go to Heaven review

Here we go with the penultimate review of the Go palette’s by Makeup revolution. I will be posting one more review after this one of another palette and then I will have featured all the Go palettes. This is the Go to Heaven palette review which contains 18 pretty shades all in angelic colours.


I really like this palette as all the colours are quite soft and the darker colours could be used to create a really lovely smokey eye look. I swatched all the shades and think they would suit anyone really from the pasty people like me or even the more tanned out there. Some of the shades are a blush matte colour and other have a touch of metallic to them.


So overall my verdict on this palette is really good. I’m normally not a big eyeshadow wearer but I would feel quite comfortable with wearing any of these shades. the Palette like the others is on sale on the makeup revolution website for £3.99 so another absolute bargain!

Has anyone else tried them and done a review? I’d be really interested to read them.


Laura x

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Makeup revolution: The Go Palette

Last week I did a review post about the Makeup Revolution Go to the City palette. I thought I would do another one about one of their other palette’s, the lovely Go Palette.

Like the Go to the city Palette, it has two lovely blusher colours, a highlighter and six eyeshadows shades. This palette is a softer one with light and neutral shades that would suit even the palest of skins, like mine. I am nicknamed Casper in my family because of my whiter than white shade so bold colours don’t look fantastic on me without blending them first.


I think the blusher and highlighter colours are lovely and peachy toned which I have swatched below along with the eyeshadow shades. These are also a metallic hue which range from soft to a smokey look. The palette is on sale on the makeup revolution website for a bargain £3.99. I had a look in my local superdrug to see if it also featured in there but the store hasnt got a very big selection of makeup revolution products so I love the website due to its huge range.


I would recommend all the products I have tried so far from makeup revolution which have included the Palette’s the primer and the matte foundation and a couple of their lipsticks.

What products have you tried that you love from their range?


Laura x

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