Lush York Re-opening

Last week I had the privilege of attending my first ever Lush event at the York re-opening. The store had been closed for a little while to have a bit of a refurbishment and was sharing its new look store with some lucky folks the day before the grand re-opening to the public.

Having never attended a Lush event, I was a bit unsure of what to expect, and also having never tried many of their products in the past, I really didn’t know a huge amount about the brand either.

The lovely team welcomed us in and offered us food and drink before we got started. We were then introduced to each of the team and found out a little about how long they’d worked for the company and what they would be demonstrating that evening.

Photo-opportunities came next and cue 10 or so bloggers armed with camera ready to snap all the pretty Lush products all displayed in the new store setting. Think lots of people bent in funny angles if you aren’t quite sure what to picture in your mind.

We were then given demonstrations of the newest products that Lush were offering including Sleepy Body Lotion, Olive Tree Gourmet Soap, Ro’s Argan Gourmet Soap, Yellow Submarine and Metamorphosis.

Cue more picture-taking of course after this and the chance to browse around the store getting help from the various staff members and asking lots of questions. I found myself drawn to the fresh face masks and got deep into a conversation about what would be the best one for my pregnant hormonal skin. I settled on the Love Lettuce after it was recommended and after using it once already, I am thoroughly pleased with my choice.

Before leaving and making my purchase, we were gifted with a lovely goody bag featuring some of the products we had been shown that evening. I was pleasantly surprised by how much was in there and cannot wait to test out the bathbombs for myself at home.

A huge thank you to the staff at Lush who made the whole experience great and I definitely think I will be shopping there a lot more in future.

Laura x

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My 1st ever Lush Purchases

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to buy my first ever products from Lush after a friend kept recommending a couple to me. I bet you’re all staring at the screen in disbelief over the fact that I never ever stepped into the store before that day and lord knows why I never did before. One of my lovely work friends kept telling me to buy 2 products from Lush that she swears by; Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser and Bubblegum Lip Scrub.


I won’t lie, the main reason I never rushed into Lush is the strong smell the shop leaks onto the street. Whilst in Harrogate a couple of weeks ago I decided to pop in and pick up the products my friend had suggested. I wasn’t completely enamoured by the look of the cleanser and the bubblegum scrub was super bright and strong-smelling. After using these for a couple of days my initial thoughts quickly changed and took a turn for the better.


I was worried that the cleanser would be way to harsh on my skin but by following the instructions on the back, you can’t really go wrong. You take a small amount of cleanser in your palm and add water turning it into a paste. This is then massaged into the skin before washing off with warm water. The lip scrub only requires a small amount which is rubbed into your lips and again rinsed away with water. My skin has been looking fab since starting this cleanser, and I can’t thank my friend enough for recommending it too me. I feel like I’ve been missing out all this time! The scrub has done wonders as well as I tend to suffer with dry lips quite a lot especially this time of year. I have been noticing a real improvement and will continue to use this every so often to keep my lips looks smooth and healthy.

Overall I’m amazed by both of these products and will definitely be re-purchasing them in future. I would thoroughly recommend the cleanser to those of you with sensitive skin like myself as it’s worked wonders at combatting recent breakouts quickly. If you have never been to Lush before like I hadn’t then what are you waiting for?

Laura x

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