A Letter to 16 year old me

I turn 26 this year, and I won’t lie, it’s a strange feeling knowing I will be past halfway to 30. I’m not scared by any means, it’s just an odd thought if anything. I thought I would start this week with a letter to my 16-year-old self and some words of advice for past me.

Dear 16-year-old Laura,

STEP AWAY FROM THE TWEEZERS!!!! Your eyebrows will thank you but just be grateful you don’t go crazy and overpluck them bad boys into oblivion. You are rocking some bushy brows these days and will be proud of them. (Just look at those brows…..)


You are about to embark on your journey to college soon and it’s going to be very different. You will get drunk on many occasions and vow to never drink again, but believe me you do and it gets much better when you start drinking nicer alcohol. You even like drinking red wine now… I know CRAZY!

Try more foods, it will be another couple of years until you even try a steak and you bloody love it cooked RARE. Who saw that coming?? You won’t like prawns though so don’t even bother with that one. Do try to eat less dairy and yes I mean that cheese you are probably stuffing into your face right now. You have some belly issues down the line and the culprit is dairy so eat it sparingly.

Don’t pick your spots, it’s easier said than done I will agree, but by god you will be grateful. I hate to tell you, but your skin is still a pain in the a*** but nowadays you’re embracing more specialised skin care and favouring a lot less makeup.

Match your foundation to your skin tone. Yes i am telling you that your jaw and neck do not match and yes it does look stupid. Enough said.

Spend less money on clothes when you start working for that high street fashion retailer. It’s too tempting with that discount but you will benefit more from the extra pennies in the future.

You will meet a boy when you are 17 and 8 years down the line, said boy is now a man and is talking weddings with you and buying a house with you. He may be daft at times and take time to mature but he’s worth it.


You will start working an office type role and find you are flipping great at it, despite hands down saying this is something you would never do. Embrace it and work hard because it will pay off.

Future you is happy, enjoying life, love and family. You should be pretty darned happy with what’s to come. Enjoy xx


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Perfect Beach Body

The title of this post kinda speaks for itself and is one of those hashtags that a lot of us out there have posted before, or thought about posting. My Voucher Codes recently did a survey about the topic and whether women in particular feel a pressure to get that #PerfectBeachBody and a whopping 60% of 18-24 years olds do. I have to be honest and admit I would completely fall within that 60%, myself putting myself under scrutiny every time I have a holiday that requires swimwear!

The survey asked 1000 women in the UK whether they felt pressure to have the Perfect Beach Body and as a whole, only 24% said that they did. For me, this looks like as women have got older, they have felt a lot less pressure to have this perception of a Perfect Beach Body. The worrying category is definitely those between 18-24 who seem to put a lot more pressure on themselves. Let’s face it for those of us who fall in that group and have the likes of Gigi Hadid parading in a bikini to compare themselves against, it stinks! ( For those of you wondering who the heck Gigi Hadid is, see below….)


The survey that My Voucher Codes carried out also looked at how us ladies prep for a holiday and that Perfect Beach Body. This includes Waxing, Manicures/Pedicures, Facial, Sunbeds, Spray Tan and Body Wraps. Of all of those I would only actually take part in the Waxing element as none of the rest is that important to me but I have known women to do all of those things and my general are thoughts are РCRAZY!

My biggest thing on the build up to a holiday is not having any wobbly bits or feeling uncomfortable in my bikini. Last year I ended up with a gym membership (Long story, don’t ask) and on the build up to my holiday and went to fitness classes and hit the gym a few times a week and felt wonderful by the time I went to Mexico, but by god, I was so bored of going. I put myself under pressure to tone up every bit of my body and make the most of the gym membership I was paying for, but was so sick of going in the end. This year I have no gym membership and am going on holiday later this year and panic is already starting about toning/losing a couple of pounds.


I hate feeling this way, as I imagine most women in my age range does as well but unfortunately when you see the Kendall Jenners and Gigi Hadids of the world looking flaming amazing in their swimwear, you convince yourself you need to work towards a goal like them. I will never look like either of these people even if I lost half a stone and went to the gym all the time. Mainly because I am a short person and don’t have legs like a giraffe!

The survey overall showed just to what extent us women will go to in order to achieve our image of the Perfect Beach Body and everyone will have a different picture in their minds. I will say some of the results did not shock me especially falling into the age group that worries the most and answering exactly the same as the majority. It’s a vicious cycle when the media is forever showing pictures of women looking flawless and like they have walked of a Victoria’s Secret Catwalk and puts a sometimes unachievable image in our mind.


This post has been a bit different for me to write and quite hard because I am blatantly admitting to stressing about my body, worrying about imperfections but I think it’s important to write this as I bet some of you feel the exact same way. If you want to read more about the survey My Voucher Codes did then check out the Fitness and Beauty Guide for more info.

I hope you enjoyed this post and leave me a comment if you have ever done any of this too

Laura x

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Recent Empties

Last month I decided to make my recent empties a regular monthly feature on my blog and May‘s empties does not disappoint. I feel like I used up a fair few products last month and it’s helping me with my no spend/use up challenge I set myself earlier in the year. I used up 5 different products this month, ranging from hair, teeth, drinks and fragrance.


First up I finished a bottle of Head & Shoulders Itchy Scalp. These bottles are giant and always take ages to use up. I normally use a sensitive scalp or itchy scalp shampoo because my scalp is very sensitive and certain shampoos give me problems. I like this one but I found it a bit too harsh on my scalp and won’t be buying it again if I’m honest.

Next up was a Touch of Silver travel size shampoo. I got this as a stocking filler at Christmas but only recently put the blonde back through my hair so felt it appropriate to start using it to help brighten the blonde and keep the colour vibrant. I love this purple shampoo and will definitely be purchasing it again in the future. The purple tones help stop the blonde from looking brassy or yellowed.

I have been using a whitening toothpaste recently to keep my teeth looking wonderful and picked up the Arm & Hammer Extra White baking soda toothpaste a couple of months ago. At first use it has a weird taste due to the baking soda in it but I wouldn’t change toothpaste now as I find this one is perfect from keeping teeth stain free and shiny.

I got a set of M&S fragrances at Christmas as well and have been trying to use them up as I got quite a few in the set. The first one I have finished is the ISIS fragrance and it has a lovely fragrance to it. I don’t think I would rush out to buy anymore though as I prefer the New York fragrance in this range a lot more and will stick to that one in the future but it’s a lovely and fresh floral scent.

Now onto something non-beauty, a jar of the lovely Chocolate Orange Beanies Coffee. I love a good cup of coffee or something posher like a cappuccino or mocha but I will admit to being rather dubious of these flavours at first. The chocolate orange flavour is absolutely divine and I am deeply upset that I have finished the jar now, however I have a couple more to try out and am very excited after loving this one so much.


Have you finished any products lately that you loved/hated?

Hope you enjoyed

Laura x

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