Makeover Your Kitchen for Autumn

Throughout autumn and winter, we find ourselves spending more time in the kitchen than ever. Gone are the hazy summer days where we’d throw together a salad and gather around the BBQ. It’s all about slow cooker stews, warming soups and getting cosy. Have you ever thought about changing the decor in your kitchen in time for autumn? It can really add to the seasonal vibe, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

Go Rustic
Is there anything more autumnal than rustic decor? This works particularly well if your kitchen is wooden. Keep the decor simple, but not too simple. Think leather stools for your breakfast bar, copper-coloured pendant lights over the dining table, brickwork-inspired tiles, open shelves, and visible pan racks. If you’re in need of furniture, go for pre-loved vintage styles. If you have beams in your kitchen, accentuate them with a fresh wood stain!

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Adding some colour to your kitchen

Nowadays Pinterest and TV shows are full of white or grey kitchen that look ultra sleek and modern but have virtually no personality in them. I admit that growing up, I dreamed of owning one of the kitchen’s in the TV adverts with all the hidden compartments and gadgets, but now I own a whole house; it’s not always achievable.

We are very lucky that our house isn’t dated and required virtually no work when we moved in. Our kitchen is neutral with cream cupboards and wood effect surfaces. Our hob, cooker and extractor fan are built-in so we had very few appliances to buy ourselves. What this did mean was trying to put our stamp on a home that was already in effect ok and this meant many a trip to the home stores to find the right kitchen accessories.

You can definitely go overboard with kitchen stuff though so before you start your “bottom drawer” as the parents referred to it, have a think about what you might actually need. Things like cutlery and tea towels should be top of the list before you stock pile on champagne toppers in different colours.

If you do find your dream home and think “this kitchen isn’t very me” then there are a number of ways to tackle the situation.

1. Rip it out and start again – can be expensive unless you know people who can help with this sort of thing.

2.Upgrade the cupboard doors or work surfaces – not as expensive but still a cost if you’ve just moved into your home.

3.Give it some wow factor with other upgrades such as appliances or coloured splashbacks.

I have always loved the shiny coloured acrylic splashbacks that you see in new build homes or even the likes that large furniture stores/DIY stores have on display in their show models. This is a great way of adding some wow factor or an injection of colour if you want to brighten a white kitchen.

As you can see from the photo above, this is a great way to brighten a grey/black/white kitchen, and even if red wasn’t your colour of choice, there’s so many more to choose from. Think yellow, violet, blue, green and black if you want a sleek splashback in your already sleek kitchen.

These are some simple tips to add some pizzazz to a kitchen based on my own findings. As mentioned before, our kitchen is in a pretty good condition but maybe it’s one for the future DIY list.

Laura x

*this has been a collaborative post, all content is my own*

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Fun Food Products: An Introduction

Several weeks ago I was contacted by a lovely chap called Steven from Fun Food Products to talk about their company and site. They offered to send me one of their fun products to try out and I chose their Halogen Popcorn Maker.


Their incredible product range includes:
Chocolate Fountains
Candy floss Makers
Waffle Makers
Popcorn Makers
Snowcone Makers
Pizza makers
and sooo many more its insane. I had no idea there were so many exciting food making products like these out there.

I have yet to use my popcorn maker because I’ve had a busy couple of weeks with work etc but it’s number 1 on my to-do list. Once I have used it, I will be writing a follow-up review of how it worked and lots more pictures etc. I wanted to introduce you lovely lot to this fantastic company first and foremost, as if I’m honest, I had never heard of them before they contacted me.

If these kind of products are your cup of tea then hop over to and check out their huge range of items. Keep your eyes peeled for my follow-up post in the next couple of weeks.

Laura x

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