Is it time to move house?

Now that we have a little one who is edging towards 1-year-old, it’s got Bob and I thinking about house size and the amount of space these little humans take up.

A question that’s been lingering for a few weeks has been whether to move house now to somewhere bigger or stay put for a few more years as we have the room for another child but then start looking on Rightmove.

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Dealing with House buying Failure

The title of this post makes it sound like a disaster and that its going to a long post about everything that’s gone wrong with our house buying journey so far. That’s not the case! This post is to share with you the emotional rollercoaster of house buying and when it doesn’t go right.

For the last 2 years we have been looking for our perfect 1st home together. After being together for nearly 8 years we can’t wait to live together and just want to take that next step.


We have actually been physically through the house buying process on 3 separate occasions now and guess what… We still don’t have a house. The first time we actually made the decision to pull out of the sale due to the property being quite old and having lots of issues flagging up. At the time it seemed a bit too much for us too take on as a first home. The next house was a lot more modern and seemed incredible. Our offer was accepted straight away but 5 weeks later, the vendor accepted a higher off and we got gazumped. The latest property was amazing, gorgeous kitchen and a house that would last us a long time. 2 months after having an offer accepted the vendor wasn’t progressing much and decided to pull out of the sale and take the property off the market for the forseeable.We were gutted!

To say that it was easy to pick up and start looking at properties again is a lie. It probably took us a couple of weeks each time to think about finding something else and start scouring right move daily. It is one of the worst feelings and definitely tests you as a person and a couple. The positive spin is to think it’s not meant to be and something better will be around the corner. It has certainly given us more time to save up deposit and solicitor monies as well as gathering stuff for our 1st home. We are certainly prepared to move out and are in progress of arranging to view another one soon which we may never have given the chance before.

My one piece of advice to those of you buying your 1st home is don’t get your hopes up. I’m not trying to be negative to anyone as your experience is highly unlikely to be like ours has been. It’s more about being realistic and just pushing to get to your exchange date which means it’s a done deal. Then you can get excited and start measuring for curtains etc. I hope you’ve found this useful, leave me a comment if you’ve experienced anything like this too.

Laura x


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What I’m Looking forward to…


I did a small post about New Year and my resolutions for this year which is great if I can manage to stick to them! So I thought it would be a nice idea to blog about what I’m looking forward to this year as it looks like it might be a busy one.

The start of this year has already been insane and we are only a week in! ARGH! I’ve had a hectic work schedule and things with the house have been going back and forth which is incredibly stressful. I will start by mentioning that I’m going away with Bob to Lagos, Portugal for 2 weeks with his parents for a nice holiday. I haven’t been before but Bob has and it looks absolutely beautiful. Needless to say, I will be doing a post on it after I’m back to share with you all.

We also booked ourselves tickets for the Rugby Union World Cup which is gracing us in the UK this year. The tickets for England were crazy expensive so we will be cheering them on from home or the pub I think. Instead we managed to book tickets to the reigning champions (The New Zealand All Blacks) vs Tonga. So as you can imagine, this will be amazing and we will get to enjoy 2 different Hakka’s.

I’m also eyeing up another week’s break for later in the year for just Bob and I. Hopefully we can sneak away and enjoy a rest somewhere that we haven’t been before.

Hopefully my house sale goes through but as I mentioned before, its currently all a bit of a headache 🙁

Other than this, I’m really excited to try and develop this little blog some more and gain some more followers hopefully who like what I write. I’m hoping to get promoted as well (as is everyone) This is something I’ve been working towards for the last 12 months at work and I really would love it to pay off this year.

What’s everyone else looking forward to this year??


Laura x

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