The Largest Bouquet of Lily’s I’ve ever seen

I’m a lover of flowers despite the ability to kill them off pretty quickly. Since we are now into full-blown wedding planning, when the opportunity came up to review a gorgeous bouquet of Lily’s from OK Bouquet, I jumped at the chance as it’s one of the flowers I actually want.

I was offered the chance to review their deluxe bouquet of Lily’s which retails for £35 and includes eucalyptus leaves as well as palm leaves. Delivery was speedy therefore not long after ordering, an extremely large box was waiting for me when I came home from work one day.


Inside I found a deluxe bouquet indeed, so big that it wouldn’t all fit into my vase. It was extremely well packaged and there were care instructions inside letting me know what to do with the flowers. With the assistance of my fiance because I couldn’t lift it on my own, we carefully took the flowers out and arranged them into the vase.

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As you can see, the flowers are stunning and gradually more and more opened up leaving my house with the most incredible smell to come home to. Remember, this was only half the bouquet in there and because we didn’t want it to go to waste, the other half was donated to my future mother in law who loves Lily’s as well.

Between the two of us, the flowers lasted just over 7/8 days before they started browning and it was time to get rid. But we have both been pleasantly surprised by how well they lasted and how beautiful they were when they flowered. It has definitely cemented Lily’s as one of my wedding flowers as I think I love them even more now.

From order to delivery, the service was fantastic and super speedy. Value for money is superb as the amount of flowers you actually get for the price is astonishing. I showed my fiance the website just in case he feels the need to treat me in the future as they have a vast range on offer and some truly beautiful bouquet options. If ordered by 12 noon, you can in fact get next day delivery as well so perfect for a last-minute gift idea. Price wise, the website ranges from around £20 up to £75 if you are looking for a more premium option. Plenty to choose from and something to suit everyone in my opinion.

So there you have it, a little sneak peek into my wedding floral arrangements and a taste of a home related post in a way. We are finally settled in the house with a touch more accessories to add here or there so expect some homeware posts coming soon.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post with OK Bouquet. The Bouquet was sent to me in exchange for an open and honest review and all thoughts are my own*

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Dealing with House buying Failure

The title of this post makes it sound like a disaster and that its going to a long post about everything that’s gone wrong with our house buying journey so far. That’s not the case! This post is to share with you the emotional rollercoaster of house buying and when it doesn’t go right.

For the last 2 years we have been looking for our perfect 1st home together. After being together for nearly 8 years we can’t wait to live together and just want to take that next step.


We have actually been physically through the house buying process on 3 separate occasions now and guess what… We still don’t have a house. The first time we actually made the decision to pull out of the sale due to the property being quite old and having lots of issues flagging up. At the time it seemed a bit too much for us too take on as a first home. The next house was a lot more modern and seemed incredible. Our offer was accepted straight away but 5 weeks later, the vendor accepted a higher off and we got gazumped. The latest property was amazing, gorgeous kitchen and a house that would last us a long time. 2 months after having an offer accepted the vendor wasn’t progressing much and decided to pull out of the sale and take the property off the market for the forseeable.We were gutted!

To say that it was easy to pick up and start looking at properties again is a lie. It probably took us a couple of weeks each time to think about finding something else and start scouring right move daily. It is one of the worst feelings and definitely tests you as a person and a couple. The positive spin is to think it’s not meant to be and something better will be around the corner. It has certainly given us more time to save up deposit and solicitor monies as well as gathering stuff for our 1st home. We are certainly prepared to move out and are in progress of arranging to view another one soon which we may never have given the chance before.

My one piece of advice to those of you buying your 1st home is don’t get your hopes up. I’m not trying to be negative to anyone as your experience is highly unlikely to be like ours has been. It’s more about being realistic and just pushing to get to your exchange date which means it’s a done deal. Then you can get excited and start measuring for curtains etc. I hope you’ve found this useful, leave me a comment if you’ve experienced anything like this too.

Laura x


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The Balloon Tree Cafe York

Saturday just gone, Bob & I decided to go for a bit of a country walk and venture down to the local farm shop and cafe: The Balloon Tree. We absolutely love the local area as it feels like you are right in the countryside but a mere 15-20mins from York. Here is one of the snaps I took on our lovely walk.


The weather was crisp and cold and we trundled off to the Balloon tree with food firmly on the brain. The Balloon Tree is a farm shop and cafe selling a lot of local produce as well as food straight from butchers and farms. The attached cafe was open so we thought why not try out some of the food.


We timed it well and got seated straight away before ordering a coca-cola for Bob and a hot chocolate with all the trimmings for Moi. (See Below)


The menu is packed with amazing choices and as we were already hungry we took a while to decide what to have. Bob chose the Homemade Yorkshire rarebit and I chose a Home honey-roasted ham, tomato and smoked Applewood Cheddar Toastie. .

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The meals were gorgeous and the service was super quick despite the cafe filling up quickly and more people ordering at the same time. The staff were attentive and checked how it was and whether we needed more drinks.

I had never ventured to the Balloon Tree before but as it’s only a stones throw from our new house, I thought it was about time. They also have fruit picking in the summer where you can fill a basket as well as animals on site including pigs, hens, chickens and 2 kids.

If you are venturing over to East Yorkshire on your way to the coast then I thoroughly recommend stopping off here for a bite to eat. It’s so worth it.

Laura x

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