Is it time to move house?

Now that we have a little one who is edging towards 1-year-old, it’s got Bob and I thinking about house size and the amount of space these little humans take up.

A question that’s been lingering for a few weeks has been whether to move house now to somewhere bigger or stay put for a few more years as we have the room for another child but then start looking on Rightmove.

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Planning our first family holiday

As you well know, I recently had my first child and also got married. The fact that I was 5 months pregnant when we got married and then it became all about getting the house baby ready, a honeymoon was basically never an option.

Fast forward to my little girl being 3 months old and we are now starting to plan our first holiday as a family for 2018.

The main things we are looking for in our holiday are:

Good Food

Good Accommodation with a pool

Flight time of 5 hours or less

Somewhere not too hot since our little one won’t be very old yet

One of the places we have looked at is Majorca.

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Throwback Thursday

Earlier in the year I travelled up to Scotland to stay with my grandparents for a few days and spent a very rainy afternoon digging around old photo boxes full of family memories. I have to admit I was creased over laughing at some of the amazing photographs my grandparents had stored away. I travelled from Whitburn to East Kilbride to visit all my grandparents and all of them had fantastic photos to share with me; now it’s my turn to share some of them with you lovely lot. Welcome to #ThrowbackThursday!

Rocking the best Disney/Glasses/Slipper combo…


Meet my Grandma – Crazy Eyes…


The Parents in the 80’s…


My grandma & grandad on their wedding day….


The time your Grandad and Princess Anne appear to be holding hands…


My mum’s hair…. Enough Said!


These were just a handful of the photos I saw and I honestly had such a chuckle whatsapping them to various family members when I saw them. I hope you like this random sort of post but I wanted to do something a little different with you all.

Thanks for reading.

Laura x

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