Things to try to improve your wellbeing

If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram then you may have seen that I’ve been incorporating a good skincare routine back into my life lately in a bid to banish those blemishes. It got me thinking about other ways to take care of myself and not necessarily those of a pampering nature.

When I was younger and pre baby, I made a lot of time for myself to go to the gym and have regular facials or face masks and even painted my nails. Now I’m lucky if I have time to even contemplate painting my nails, my face mask is done in bed before I go to sleep, and exercise consists of running around after an almost 1-year-old and climbing up and down a children’s climbing frame in the name of squeezing my butt down a slide with said child.

When you become a mum you suddenly put this tiny person 1st above everything and anything and that includes washing your hair. Dry shampoo is BAE and you don’t even flinch when telling someone you’ve gone 5 days without washing your hair. You really do neglect yourself in those first 12 months unless you’re completely on the ball and motherhood is just second nature (those lucky few!). I suddenly have a new-found understanding of what all those women before me have been through and find myself sitting alongside them.

Well now it’s time to embrace the new me and that includes making more time for myself even if that means waiting for my child to fall asleep.

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Using my maternity leave wisely

Maternity Leave however long you have off, is pretty much spent up by feeding, changing, comforting or running after the baby. But very occasionally you may get some time to yourself and try not to waste it. I plan ahead and will do one of several things.

Have a pamper

I absolutely love a facemask and painting my nails but this is definitely a once every so often thing nowadays. Whenever I know I have some free time or if Freya is unexpectedly still asleep, I treat myself to a quick pamper to perk myself up a little from the day-to-day routine.


This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve been writing my blog for 3 years now and it’s definitely flown. I love writing up my thoughts or sharing products with you that I’ve tried out and this is something I continue to do even with a 10 week old baby. It’s hard sometimes but very rewarding and I’ve had some amazing experiences from it.

Play Online Games

I’ve spoken before about online gaming and betting and recently I discovered Boomtown Bingo. It’s important to know your limits with anything like this and set yourself a maximum spend if you are going to take part in online slots or games. If this is your cup of tea then it’s a nice relaxing pastime as long as you don’t get overly obsessed.


I absolutely love reading and started reading more as soon as my maternity leave started. Freya decided to arrive 2 weeks early so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked but I’m determined to get back into it after Christmas.


I have a huge love/hate relationship with this one. I always thought that a few weeks after giving birth, I’d be able to get back into my skinny jeans again. The reality is that I still don’t fit them, and probably won’t again. My hips are wider and my stomach is still a little wobbly but every day, I try to walk at least 10’000-12’500 steps and do some toning exercises as well. I feel healthier and hopefully after Christmas, will see results.

These are just a few of my maternity leave ideas so if you manage to get some quiet time, then take full advantage.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post*

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Results with Lucy 4 Week Update

I can’t believe it almost 4 weeks since I started this workout plan, hasn’t time flown. I officially started exercising using the Results with Lucy plan around 4 week ago after being hit with the most dreadful flu for 2 weeks prior to that. I haven’t been doing this plan alone, and have dragged my lovely Mum into doing the videos with me every week.


Our plan is as follows:

Tuesday – 20-25 minutes of videos

Thursday – 20-25 minutes of videos.

Healthy eating and cutting out the junk food as much as possible apart from the friday treat of a takeaway.

It doesn’t sound as though we have done much I bet, but the results speak for themselves and you can see my current measurements below. Over the next 4 weeks, we intend to up the ante with the videos, building up the average time each week by 5 minutes. Hopefully by the end we will be fit enough to do around 60 minutes of exercising without huffing and puffing on the sofa for a rest.

I love the Results with Lucy videos as each one is extremely different to the last and you can really mix up your workouts this way. We have recently been enjoying a killer ab workout, a HIIT cardio workout and then a dance workout to finish off and wind down. The site makes it easy to save these onto your favourites so they are easy to find and get straight into your workouts each day.

My original stats are as follows:

Weight – 8st 6lb or 118lb (remember I don’t want to lose weight)

Measurements of the areas that bother me most:

Waist – 25 inches but not very toned

Hips – 35.5 inches and again not very toned

Thighs – 19-20 inches each leg ”        “

My 4 week stats are like this:

Weight – 8st 3lb or 115lb (I am not trying to lose weight so this surprised me but I have been working on this number increasing again going forward)

Measurements or the areas that bother me most:

Waist – 24.5 inches (0.5 inch lost)

Hips – 34.5 inches and improving loads

Thighs – 19 inches but looking more toned

As you can see, I’ve lost some pounds and some inches which in 4 weeks, I’m thrilled with. The main result that has shocked me the most is the weight loss. My intention is not to lose weight but to tone up and gain more muscle. I started noticing my size getting a little smaller and decided to start monitoring my calories for a couple of weeks. The first thing I noticed was that I’m burning more than I’m actually eating which is completely unhealthy. In order to counteract this loss, I’ve decided to have a protein shake from My protein twice a week before working out. I’m also going to increase my meal size but stay on with the healthy eating plan as I have bags more energy.


I will be posting another update in 4 weeks time so keep your eyes peeled and follow my progress with the great Solo plan from Results with Lucy.


Laura x

*as with my original post 4 weeks ago, I am reviewing this plan in exchange for my honest feedback, all opinions and blog posts are my own.*

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