Maternity Leave: 5 months in

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve finally got my blogging mojo back and am trying to stay on top of writing up posts now. Unfortunately I now have a teething 5 month old to contend with so blogging is purely done when she’s in bed as mum life takes priority.

I love sharing new mama life with you and thought I’d share what my first 5 months of maternity leave has consisted of.

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Cleaning hahaha this is laughable in the first 10 weeks or so. I literally stressed my head off thinking about the cleanliness of my house and frantically running round at the weekend when Bob was at home to get it done. Eventually I remembered what everyone kept telling me; the cleaning would still be there and I needed to enjoy my time with Freya. I can confirm my house is generally pretty clean nowadays as I’ve got into a decent routine but it was extremely difficult.

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How to Turn Your Love for Food into a Hobby

I love food. More specifically, I love eating food. But when someone asks you what your hobbies are, you can’t say “eating“. Apparently, it’s not socially acceptable. However, you are allowed to be interested in food in other ways, and you can even disguise your love for eating. Telling people you enjoy going to restaurants is much better than telling them that you like to stuff your face. If you want to elevate your love of food into a hobby as an excuse to eat more, there are several things you can do. From starting a blog to experimenting in the kitchen, you can make food your life.


Become a Mystery Shopper (Eater)

This option isn’t so much a hobby as a way to make some extra cash. Although, it can be lots of fun to do too. You don’t make massive amounts of money doing it, but you can grab a free meal. What you do is sign up with a mystery shopping company, and they will offer you an assignment. You go to the place they send you to (usually a chain restaurant or fast food place) and order what they tell you to. Sometimes you have to go alone, sometimes you take someone with you. They pay for your meal and give you a bit extra, and you send them proof of your purchase and some comments. It’s all very simple, you get to eat for free, and you get a bit of money on top. What’s not to like?

Start a Blog

Another way to get more enthusiastic about food is to run a blog. If you start a food blog, you have an excuse to check out restaurants and review them. I like writing about the places I’ve eaten on occasion, although I don’t go to places just to review them. As well as visiting restaurants for your blog, you can also write about cooking and baking. Or you could discuss eating healthily, review different brands (great for free products) or write about growing your own food.


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Experiment in the Kitchen

A lot of people love to eat and even cook, but they mostly follow recipes to the letter. If you want to learn more about food, you can start experimenting. Try out new flavours and adjust ingredients to suit your tastes. Pretty soon, you’ll be making things up as you go along and creating delicious dishes. If you need inspiration, you could take a cookery course.

Grow Your Own Food

Another fantastic way to become more passionate about food is to grow it yourself. You can grow fruit, vegetables or herbs that you can then cook with. If you have too much, you can give it to other people or learn how to preserve things for later. Growing food can also make you more enthusiastic about cooking and eating. Maybe you can start having dinner parties where you serve your own produce.

If you want to get more interested in food, you can turn it into a proper hobby and even make some money. Or you could just enjoy eating whenever you want.

Hope you enjoyed reading this little how to post.

Laura x

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