Guest Post: How to get the things you want in life

It’s the start of a new year and generally it’s when you try to get all your ducks in a row when it comes to what you want to accomplish in the coming year.
For a lot of people those goals will involve needing a bit of extra money. Maybe it’s a wedding, or a new car or a holiday you REALLY want to have this year.
Well I’m here to bring you some good news and show how you CAN have those things THIS YEAR but first a bit of an introduction.
My Name is Jon and I run The Money Shed which is the UKs largest community website dedicated to earning money from home!
Laura has been kind enough to let me write this guest post on her excellent blog and the reason she’s done that is that I’ve just shown her as fantastic way to make a lot of extra money each year (I’m talking THOUSANDS here) totally RISK FREE! 
She’s done it, she’s made money – IT WORKS!!
The best of all it just takes a few minutes to do each time!!!
The way she’s earned that extra cash is through what’s called RISK FREE MATHED BETTING. 
Now before any of you say ‘I’ve never been in a bookies shop in my life’ or even ‘I don’t follow sports!’ you can stop right there. Matched Betting is just MATH!. SIMPLE BORING MATH!
That’s why it’s RISK FREE you know!
I mean it’s boring math but it’s made me over £16,000 in the last 18 months and it’s TOTALLY RISK AND TAX FREE!!
I’ll give you a very quick example of how it works just so you understand
Let’s say Ladbrokes have got an offer on saying ‘FREE £20 BET WHEN YOU BET £10 ON THE ENGLAND VS GERMANY GAME’
You bet £10 on England TO WIN with Ladbrokes
And you then use what’s called a Betting Exchange like Betfair to bet on the outcome of that match being anything BUT England winning
So it England win or not it doesn’t matter as you’ve ended up in the exact same position BUT YOU HAVE NOW GOT YOUR £20 FREE BET.
You would then repeat the whole process again using that FREE BET and that is where you make the GUARANTEED RISK FREE MONEY!
Now obviously you are busy folk and no one has the time to go looking for betting offers constantly and that’s why we use a service called Profit Accumulator.
Profit Accumulator SPOON FEEDS you all the betting offers and gives you all the tools you need so you just simple CLICK CLICK CLICK and you’ve made money!!! They tell you what to do for each offer, how much you will make, basically everything you could possibly need to know!!
Best of all they offer a FREE TRIAL where you can make around £45 totally RISK FREE for just a few minutes work so you can see how easy it is and don’t worry as they literally HOLD YOUR HAND as you work your way through everything!!
Anyway, now the boring stuff of this post is over let’s get back to the exciting part where we go back to thinking about things we want this year which maybe we think are too much.
I say this because in the last 18 months Matched Betting has paid for 2 trips to Florida (One of which was our Honeymoon!!) a new car and a brand new conservatory!! 
Who’s know’s what will be next so if there’s something you want to do this year that requires that bit of extra money then give Matched Betting a go and I promise you that you will have what you are after sooner than you think!!!!
If you still aren’t sure then check out my featured articles in the Sun HERE and HERE and you can read some more about my experiences.
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Second Time Lucky

So I saw recently that Ocean Finance were running a competition in order to win a dream experience in relation to a Second Time Lucky and was really intrigued to find out some more. I had a look on their website which showed the rules of the competition and the entries so far that had the most votes. I saw a lot of people talking about having to put their wedding off or not getting to go on a trip somewhere special and found it really heartwarming that a lot of people had missed out on special days or chances but now might get the chance to win their dream.

This spurred me to write my own blog post about a Second Time Lucky that I would love to have. My boyfriend and I work incredibly hard in our jobs in order to have a great future and be able to enjoy our life and hopefully start a family one day. Because we work so hard now, we sometimes miss out on things like trips because we are forever thinking “We should be saving this money, not spending!” A lot of people our age wouldn’t mind just spending the money or booking a trip but we are very money conscious right now and have to be strict.

My Second Time Lucky would be to treat my boyfriend to a city break somewhere we haven’t been in Europe (which is pretty much everywhere in Europe haha!) We have both talked about visiting somewhere like Amsterdam, Paris or Rome as we like a bit of history and culture and absolutely LOOOOVE food!!!

If we had the chance to go away somewhere I think it would be an amazing break and time together as we currently both live with our parents so time together is quiet precious. I would love to treat him to a nice hotel, good food and good wine, and also get to experience some good culture and see some sights. If we could go to a hotspot for food and have a few drinks in an amazing bar, we both would be over the moon. It’s also our 7 year anniversary this year after meeting at college at 17 so this would be a lovely way to celebrate it.


Rome photo was found on wikipedia – “Colosseum in Rome, Italy – April 2007” by Diliff – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons –,_Italy_-_April_2007.jpg#/media/File:Colosseum_in_Rome,_Italy_-_April_2007.jpg

 What do you think you would do if you could have your Second Time Lucky?

Don’t forget to check out the links above to the Ocean Finance website and enter their competition.


Laura x

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