The Real Side of Working in a Retail Store

I’ve regularly discussed in posts before that I work in the financial services industry but before that I worked for a high street clothing store that many of you will know and love. Now I won’t disclose the name because I don’t really see the need at this point but I wanted to talk to you about some of the pros and cons of working in a clothing store first hand.

Pro Numero Uno:

The discount! Now most stores offer some sort of discount for their employees but mine was brilliant. For 18months of my working life I spent a huge part of my wages back on clothing. It was essential to wear the clothing that the store had on offer at the time in some way so you found yourself buying lots of things just because. You might see this as a con in some ways but I’m a good saver anyway so any other money I didn’t spend, went into savings.


Pro Number 2:

The people. I was pretty lucky that my time in retail was very positive in regards to the people I worked with. I met some lovely people who genuinely made my time working there a lot more fun. It can be a fantastic environment a lot of the time and there’s always plenty of people to help you pick an outfit for a special occasion at least.

Con A:

Thefts or attempted thefts. I worked at Monks Cross retail park so there were security guards anyway who regularly popped by and we had a radio that allowed us to communicate to not only them but the other stores. Whenever someone was on front of house duty, they were in charge of keeping a watchful eye out on customers and manning the radio. I can’t tell you how many times people attempted to steal things and it never was one of two items, they tried to steal loads of things every time. How smart do these people think they are. Even when we introduced tamper proof labels to the store, people were still attempting to grab and dash. The labels always did the trick and there was no thefts with them on. I recently read an article that said 49% of people buying items, hate the tamper proof labels via Data Label. I myself don’t mind them at all and from an employees perspective, they helped to reduce losses to your store which affects the performance.

Con Deux

The customers. Not every single time I might add, but very occasionally you will get a demanding customer who really wants you to magic something up from thin air, or go into the back and whip up one yourself on a sewing machine. It’s very tempting to get mad at them and give them all sorts of hell but unsurprisingly you cannot. The customer is always right in retail and that’s the way it is. It would be nice to let your sass out but you just have to learn to deal with things and know it’s not something you’ve done, just something else that’s potentially wronged them that day.


Now I’m hoping I haven’t put any of you off a career in a retail store because by any means, I loved my time there and the pros certainly outweighed the cons. Sadly it wasn’t the career path for me but whilst at college, I had an absolute ball.

Let me know if you’ve had any similar experiences.


*This has been a collaborative post but all thoughts and writing are my own as usual*

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I’m Gonna Be a Cake Ambassador

Yes you read that right. I’ve been chosen to be a Brand ambassador for Cake-Cetera! I’m actually considering adding this to my business card, I bet it gets everyone talking 🙂

brand ambassador

I know you are 100% jealous right now and I count myself super lucky to be chosen for this opportunity. If you don’t already know about this company then feel free to carry on reading some more so I can share a bit about their background.

This company was founded by a lovely lady called Pauline who was inspired to start the company after losing her mum to brain Cancer in 2011.Whilst visiting her mum in hospital she noticed that flowers were banned from many of the wards and in actual fact, people brought cake instead. Alas Cake Cetera was founded. She has built the company up from baking and delivering the cakes herself around Glasgow to delivering cakes nationwide and building up a huge product range.

So what am I going to do as a brand ambassador?

Well first and foremost the next year of my life will be spent wedding planning so I intend to blog about everything cake related in preparation for this. I love the macarons and cake pops that this brand have so they are firm front-runners in the favours list for me.

I will be sharing news about exciting products, guest posting on their website and blog and even getting involved with some baking related posts of my own.

I want as much feedback from you guys about the brand and also any content you want from me in terms of all things cake & bake related.

Every month I will be posting something fresh and different so subscribe to keep these coming direct to your mailbox. You don’t want to miss out on cake related emails do you?

To top it off the lovely folks at Cake-Cetera have given me a discount code to share with you to get 20% off their amazing products.


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself on to their website and drool over the amazing baked goods they offer. How awesome will your post be when it’s macarons arriving at your door?

Laura x

Official Brand Ambassador for Cake-Cetera

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