Days Out: Tropical World

As a mum with a full time 9-5 job, weekends are precious and time for us to do things as a family. We are very lucky to have an abundance of places on our doorstep in Yorkshire that are usually no more than 1.5 hours away by car. This past weekend we ventured over to Tropical World in Leeds which by car took us around 50 minutes from Stamford Bridge.

Tropical World is located next to Roundhay Park in Leeds and outside of Kew Gardens, is home to the largest collection of tropical plants. For 3 adults and a 2 year old, entrance came to £21. That equated to £7 per adult and Freya was free as she was under 5.

Freya was immediately enamoured by the tropical surroundings and different animal sections including fish, meerkats, snakes and spiders.

Checking out the Tortoise

One word of warning is prepare yourself for how humid it actually is in there. I think we all forgot about the name “Tropical” and all ended up taking our coats off as soon as we stepped inside. We arrived just before 11am on a Sunday morning and by the time we were leaving, it started to get quite busy. There isn’t a lot of pram space when walking about as there tends to be quite a few people using them so I would suggest avoiding bringing one if not absolutely necessary.

After we walked round we then headed to the café and grabbed a bit to eat as Freya declared her belly was hungry. For £21 we enjoyed 2 adult meals and a child’s meal as well as drinks for the 3 of us. I thought all in all it was a reasonable priced day out and with it’s close proximity to Roundhay Park, you could always save money in Summer by taking a picnic.

Overall it was a lovely morning out and definitely somewhere we will go again in future especially since Freya’s auntie Hannah lives in Leeds.

If you have any other Leeds based days out that we should check out then please leave me a comment so I can add them to our list.

Laura x

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Days Out: Northwood Trail

One of the perks of living in Stamford Bridge is feeling as though you are living completely in the countryside whilst being 20 minutes drive away from York. When we talk to our neighbours who have recently moved here, they all say its got the best of both worlds and is a gorgeous place to bring up your family.

We are always on the lookout for fabulous new places to try out as a family so when we were offered the chance to visit Northwood Trail, 5 minutes away from our house, we jumped at the chance.

*gifted press visit*

We made our way to the trail following on the directions on the site and knowing it as a local, they were spot on.

We arrived and walked to the entrance hut which felt cosy and inviting and was filled with adults and children all ready to walk the trail. After an introduction from the owner, we grabbed our map and headed out on the trail.

With Freya doing a mixture of walking and being carried, it took us around 25 minutes to walk around the trail. This didn’t include taking part in the maze as Freya wasn’t interested in going round it.

After the trail itself, we got to wander around the Fairy museum which was absolutely beautiful and contained some hidden surprises. (I won’t be sharing these as I don’t want to ruin it for any future visitors that might read this post).

The trail has a gorgeous seating area both inside and outside to cater for differing weather and they advised that food will soon be served which will be fantastic once it gets going.

Overall we absolutely loved the trail and even better that it’s on our doorstep. Thank you to Northwood Trail for having us last week.

Laura x

*Press event – gifted experience*

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Days Out Yorkshire: The Deep

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that we recently had a family day out to The Deep in Hull. We had a particularly rainy Sunday morning so we decided to google days out in Yorkshire. We spotted the Deep and with it being only 40-50mins drive for us, we decided it would make a nice morning out.

If you haven’t been before, they are a large aquarium with a café, exhibitions, soft play and a gift shop.

The best part of the Deep was seeing Freya’s face light up with fascination seeing the fish, penguins and sharks. We have never taken her to an aquarium before so this was a completely new experience for her.

What we learnt about the Deep was that once you pay for a ticket, you can opt (completely for free might I add), to change it’s validity to 12 months meaning you can go back time and time again within the following 12 months.

Needless to say, around a month later when we had a Monday off with Freya, we decided to take her again and second time around, she was even more amazed by everything she saw.

I can honestly say it’s great value for money and if you’re Yorkshire based, an absolute treat. The café was good value for money and each time we bought a couple of drinks for ourselves whilst Freya had a snack and water break. We checked out the menu last time we were there and both agreed that next time, we will treat ourselves to some lunch whilst there.

I can’t wait to take Freya again a lot more over the next 10-11 months and can see us buying another ticket again once that runs out as it really is enjoyable for all the family.

Laura x

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