Getting Crafty with Viking

This year is Freya’s first proper Halloween. Yes she is 2 and that means she has in fact lived through previous Halloween’s, however she wasn’t old enough to really understand what was happening.

This year we have fully embraced Halloween in our house and got pumpkins to carve and even got a bit crafty on rainy days (which we seem to have had an abundance of lately). Before Freya was born, we put a few decorations in the window to welcome trick or treaters but this year I feel that we can get really into the spooky spirit and enjoy the build up to it as well.

Tomorrow we are attending a fun toddler event which I’m excited to go to with Freya, and all week at nursery, they will be enjoying themed games/arts and crafts. So enough of what’s coming up, it’s time to show you the crafts we have been making at home with Freya in collaboration with Viking who kindly sent us a bag of goodies to get our craft on.

*Craft goodies kindly sent from Viking*

What you can’t see in the above photos is a huge pack of pens that were also included but Freya decided to claim them from the outset and only left me a few for my photo!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to head to our local farm shop The Balloon Tree and get some pumpkins to carve (paint in Freya’s case). It was a pretty miserable day and we didn’t fancy getting caked in mud so we grabbed a couple of pumpkins they had set out in crates at the front of the store. Freya selected a small one for herself and dictated which one daddy should get to carve. Once home, we got out the paints and carving kit an set to work.

As you can see, Freya went a bit abstract with her painting and decided to go for the dark, glittery look. We then sprayed it with an outdoor varnish to ensure it didn’t melt away in bad weather. Freya then turned her hand to helping daddy scoop the pumpkin insides out when it came to carving the larger pumpkin.

Once we completed and mastered the art of pumpkin painting/carving, we then moved onto decorating our mask. Freya unfortunately decided to give up at this point which meant mummy took creative control and made which we can all confirm; a masterpiece…

I have no doubt Freya will continue to develop her Halloween creative skills this week at nursery and if any do make the cut and come home with us, then I will gladly share them with you. For now, we have completed our home crafty efforts for now but I am excited to start working on some Christmas ones next.

Laura x

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Things to try to improve your wellbeing

If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram then you may have seen that I’ve been incorporating a good skincare routine back into my life lately in a bid to banish those blemishes. It got me thinking about other ways to take care of myself and not necessarily those of a pampering nature.

When I was younger and pre baby, I made a lot of time for myself to go to the gym and have regular facials or face masks and even painted my nails. Now I’m lucky if I have time to even contemplate painting my nails, my face mask is done in bed before I go to sleep, and exercise consists of running around after an almost 1-year-old and climbing up and down a children’s climbing frame in the name of squeezing my butt down a slide with said child.

When you become a mum you suddenly put this tiny person 1st above everything and anything and that includes washing your hair. Dry shampoo is BAE and you don’t even flinch when telling someone you’ve gone 5 days without washing your hair. You really do neglect yourself in those first 12 months unless you’re completely on the ball and motherhood is just second nature (those lucky few!). I suddenly have a new-found understanding of what all those women before me have been through and find myself sitting alongside them.

Well now it’s time to embrace the new me and that includes making more time for myself even if that means waiting for my child to fall asleep.

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