Considering a Move to the City

It often happens that some of the best jobs are in the city, and if you are ambitious and want to further your career, or have a young family to support, it’s quite likely that at some point you’ll need to consider a move. Living in the city is very different from being in the countryside or a town, where you are only minutes away from the peace of a rural environment, and there are several important considerations you need to think about before taking the plunge.

City vs. town

Cities are usually vast inhabited areas that cover many square miles of land and can take hours to get through. Of course, some places that are technically cities are really more like towns but have the designation of the city because of the presence of a cathedral. Wells in Somerset is the smallest city in England and bears little resemblance to a large metropolis like London. However, when most people think about cities, they think of the major places like London, Birmingham, or Manchester for example.

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