Falling back in love with the skinny jean

After having Freya a whopping 16 months ago now, I really struggled with the fact that it took me 4 months to get back into my skinny jeans. I’d seen other Twitter mums talk about how they’d got back in their pre-maternity jeans a mere 10 days postpartum and felt a bit of a failure when it took me 4 months and even then I was sucking my belly in.

When I finally came to terms with my new body shape and realised that I did in fact need to go up a jean size, I struggled to find pairs that I felt comfortable in due to still having a wobbly stomach. I’ve tried on countless pairs in different stores and numerous times walked out empty handed.

I can now count on one hand the number of jeans I own which include a few pairs of black skinnies and a pair of boyfriend jeans (which despite being a size 10 like a pair of my black skinny jeans and from the same high street brand; require me to squeeze my belly in!!) Most recently I got sent a pair of high waisted skinny jeans from Fredafunk and I didn’t actually grimace at the sight of my butt squeezed into them.

*gifted jeans from Fredafunk*

I’m slowly learning to love my shape and dress it so that I feel comfortable. I’ve definitely fallen into a trap of wearing skinny jeans but baggy jumpers/t-shirts in a bid to hide the fact that my stomach is still wobbly. I chose the leopard print blouse above because it’s lovely and loose but looks great tucked into jeans. I think the print helps to flatter that area of the body and doesn’t focus the eye on area’s you might not be as comfortable with; like my hips!

Our bodies are incredible things and the fact that I grew a human for 9.5 months always amazes me. Now it’s time to carry on re-inventing my wardrobe and find some staple pieces that work for me.

Laura x

*Jeans were gifted, blouse was purchased by my own money*

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My Pick of Designer Work Out Clothes

Since January is nearly half way through and a lot of us are either committed to our getting fit resolutions or are making a sort of attempt but failing miserably, I thought I would perk myself up by sharing my pick of the best designer work out clothing and put together an outfit post. I wanted to mix it up in 2016 in terms of my posts and not make them all beauty based. I wish I had the money to splurge on the clothing of Farfetch which is an amazing site dedicated to designer clothing accessories that I have recently stumbled across. I keep trying to win the lottery to be able to afford these luxury goods but thus far…. I have failed in my attempt. Here is my dream workout outfit….


Chloe Classic Track Trousers – £561.00 need I say anymore?


Atea Oceanie ‘Matelot’ T Shirt – £132.29 – I love a baggy top for doing exercise, I hate anything clingy normally so whilst exercising would be horrific.


Nike air Zoom Structure 19 trainers – £87.94 – These are fab and look super comfy which would be great for doing pretty much every exercise.


Anya Hindmarch eyes Backpack – £794.01 – again need I say any more? this bag is gorgeous and perfect for carrying everything you need around.


Finally to finish off the outfit is the Monreal London Zipped Hoodie – £237.01 – This would top off the outfit perfectly and fits with the colour scheme I have chosen. #

I hope you’ve liked this little fashion post to mix it up a little and hopefully it hasn’t left you drooling and with no money in your bank account.

Laura x

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