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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed this week that I have put pictures of good luck cards and flowers on there. You may have guessed that I have changed jobs this week and started a new and exciting role!


I’m not a big talker in regards to what I do for a living as I work for a huge company that some either will love or hate but what can you do? I have worked for the company for 5.5 years which at the age of 19, I don’t think I could have seen myself still there.

I work in a customer facing job and am on the front line facing the public. I have been working towards a new job role for the last 12 months and have been to 7 (YES 7) different interviews to try to progress. Now the only thing I can say to this is I am persistent haha! Each and every interview had its ups and downs but it only made me more determined to get the role I wanted. I have been training to be a Manager and finally 2.5 weeks ago I was offered a Junior Manager position! How amazing. It’s a secondment opportunity for the next 11 months to cover maternity leave but I am absolutely thrilled to get the chance to do it finally.

My aim is to use this experience to get my next role so that in 11 months, I don’t need to go back to my old role. As much as I loved my old role and the team I worked with, I am embracing a change and ready to move on up that career ladder. I am 24 so I still have time to progress but I have set myself my own personal deadlines to achieve these things and I don’t give up easily.


I will be keeping you up-to-date over the year with my progress and seeing where this new role takes me, and maybe one day I will let you know a bit more about my job.

Have any of you achieved a job that is a stepping stone to something greater?

Laura x

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Defining Your own Success

The title may appear a bit vague but I really wanted to write a post about success and how to measure it. This isn’t success in your blogging or posting but I feel it’s important to talk about success in your life or career. I have a had a few up and down weeks recently with lots of things going on which has made me doubt myself or moves I have made in my career. Now it has all calmed down and I had some brilliant news in regards to a promotion, I wanted to share some thoughts with you all.


I am 24 and work for a very large company and have done so for just over 5 years now. When I started at 19 I wasn’t sure what my direction would be or whether I would still be there after 12 months etc. In my head I thought it would be short term to earn some money then go onto University. Needless to say that idea soon disappeared! I have moved up in my positions within the company and am now moving onto a role that will give me a stepping stone for the future and a lot of valuable experience. Some of you will be thinking “How can she think that’s not success?” or “She’s done really well!” and I will agree that this has finally sunk in with me recently.

I have taken some time to think about where I want to go in my career recently and have become really headstrong about the path I want and things I am going to do over the next 12 months to get moving up that career ladder. It’s hard to not get down about things and having interviews where the end result is a big fat NO! If I can say anything it would be to use every experience to your advantage and take in all the feedback they give you. I have worked so hard over the last 6 months to improve how I come across in interviews and how to impress people who have never met you before. My boyfriend is a huge support and is always right behind me helping me before interviews and cheering me on. He is really career focused as well which I think may have rubbed off on me now.


My sound advice after having plenty of interviews and rejections and not feeling like I was getting anywhere, is “Don’t let it get you down!” Inside of you somewhere is what they are looking for and you just need to have that belief that one day you will be where you want. Accept what people tell you and feedback as they aren’t saying it for the sake of it and it will be a benefit.


Have any of you had any sound career advice that you can share with me?


Laura x

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