I’m Gonna Be a Cake Ambassador

Yes you read that right. I’ve been chosen to be a Brand ambassador for Cake-Cetera! I’m actually considering adding this to my business card, I bet it gets everyone talking 🙂

brand ambassador

I know you are 100% jealous right now and I count myself super lucky to be chosen for this opportunity. If you don’t already know about this company then feel free to carry on reading some more so I can share a bit about their background.

This company was founded by a lovely lady called Pauline who was inspired to start the company after losing her mum to brain Cancer in 2011.Whilst visiting her mum in hospital she noticed that flowers were banned from many of the wards and in actual fact, people brought cake instead. Alas Cake Cetera was founded. She has built the company up from baking and delivering the cakes herself around Glasgow to delivering cakes nationwide and building up a huge product range.

So what am I going to do as a brand ambassador?

Well first and foremost the next year of my life will be spent wedding planning so I intend to blog about everything cake related in preparation for this. I love the macarons and cake pops that this brand have so they are firm front-runners in the favours list for me.

I will be sharing news about exciting products, guest posting on their website and blog and even getting involved with some baking related posts of my own.

I want as much feedback from you guys about the brand and also any content you want from me in terms of all things cake & bake related.

Every month I will be posting something fresh and different so subscribe to keep these coming direct to your mailbox. You don’t want to miss out on cake related emails do you?

To top it off the lovely folks at Cake-Cetera have given me a discount code to share with you to get 20% off their amazing products.


So what are you waiting for? Get yourself on to their website and drool over the amazing baked goods they offer. How awesome will your post be when it’s macarons arriving at your door?

Laura x

Official Brand Ambassador for Cake-Cetera

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Eat Your Photo

If you have read my blog for a while, you will have seen I love a good cake with my face on it. I’m clearly joking; I’m not that full of myself, but I have been lucky enough to try out some amazing cakes using my own photos. The most recent of my face cake features is some amazing cupcakes from Eat Your Photo.


Similar to Bakerdays, you can order a range of products including cakes, brownies, photos on cookies and chocolates and even edible caricatures. I was very fortunate to receive 6 pretty little cupcakes adorned with Bob & I’s faces.


I let my mum and brother enjoy a couple and then shared some with bobby’s family as well. I don’t have a massive sweet tooth myself even though I do love cake and absolutely love to bake myself. My brother was the first of us to test the cakes and thought the pictures were great quality and even tasted lovely. He said the cake was lovely and chocolatey if a little rich really. I would suggest only eating 1 of these, and slowly at that as to not overdose on chocolate! The sponge was moist and soft, which is perfect especially when I worried it would be a bit claggy with it being sent over; but they got it just right.


The cakes arrived securely in a large box and none of them were squashed or ruined which was fantastic. I’m always wary of cardboard and the royal mail as a partnership! They also arrived super quick from placing my order to my front door which is always a huge thumbs up in my book.

I would definitely recommend Eat Your Photo if you are looking for a quirky gift, a way to promote your company, as a great way to celebrate someones birthday or if you just want to Eat your Photo!

Thanks for reading

Laura x

*I received these cupcakes to review, but all my thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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Bakerdays Review*

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people at Bakerdays and asked whether I wanted to try out one of their fantastic Letterbox cakes. Any mention of the word cake and I’m game! I was and still am really impressed with the concept of the Letterbox cake. The Bakerdays mantra for their Letterbox cake is:

“You can’t always be there to share a special occasion with a friend or
loved one. But you can let them know you¹re thinking of them by sending
something which is personalised and therefore unique.”

I was given the option of choosing my own photo for the cake, or to choose one of the options on their website. I chose a photo of my cousin Cameron, my brother & I which had been taken only 1 month ago when we were reunited in East Kilbride, Scotland. My cousin lives in New Zealand so the picture is really special as we don’t have many of us together. I then waited for my cake to be created and delivered through the post, and here is what arrived.


The cake is 5 inches and fits perfectly through the letterbox and gives 3-4 servings. It comes in a pretty tin and they sent me a little card which could have a message written in it, some love heart sweets and a leaflet with some information about Bakerdays in it. It smelt divine when you opened the tin and as a fan of icing, I love the sickly sweet smell that it has.


The picture looked fab as you can see from the picture above and when you cut into it, there was a lovely moist chocolate sponge cake. I was worried it might be dry inside as Bakerdays claim that it stays fresh for 14 days and we ate ours about 4/5 days after it arrived, but I was super surprised by how soft and moist it stayed and was incredibly yummy to eat.

The letterbox cake start from £14.99 and is a fab service to send something personalised to a family member or friend. The delivery was efficient and nothing was damaged when it got to me, so again top marks to Bakerdays for their packaging and design ideas.

I would definitely use Bakerdays again in the future as it is such a unique idea for a gift, and they really impressed me with my chosen cake.


Laura x


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