The Body Shop Christmas Event

Where on Earth is December going?! I am ashamed to say that I bring you today a post that deserved to be written a month ago. Last month; the day before flying to New Zealand, I had the pleasure of going to another amazing Blogger event at The Body Shop in York. At the time, I was over the moon to be invited to the event but did have a mini heart attack at the knowledge that my post wouldn’t go live for over a month due to my holiday. I hate leaving things so late especially when these kind of posts should be written straight away.


The Event focused around the Body Shop’s Christmas range including the gorgeous Frosted Plum, Glazed Apple and Frosted Cranberry. I was a complete novice to the Body Shop whatsoever up to 2015 so I have never come across the Christmas range before however the lovely staff told us how Glazed Apple was one of the 2014’s most popular products. We got to smell and test some of the gorgeous products including a sugar scrub, body butter and oil’s. One of my favourite products was the bath fizzers as they are gorgeous little cubes of goodness.

I listened intently to everything the amazing staff members were telling me as I am always curious to know about new products or offers they have on. We were treated to makeup up discussions and even a glittery eyeliner makeover which was fab.

I love a good smell, and when I say that I mean, I test every scent in the shop until I walk out smelling like the Perfume shop. What a treat for my lovely boyfriend who picked me up and I reeked of all sorts of scents and smells. I can’t say I tried one I didn’t like and when I win the lottery, I intend to treat myself to all of them.

Just like last time I decided to treat myself to some of the fab products; a glazed apple lip balm, a concealer in fair and the warming mineral mask. I love face masks and lip balms, I have soooo many of them it’s a little bit crazy but I love to try new ones all the time and just couldn’t resist. I have been looking for a concealer for a while and this one was the perfect skin tone so it was obviously meant to be.

I would definitely recommend the Body Shop for any last-minute Christmas presents, secret Santa gifts or even stocking fillers as they have a brilliant range to cater for everyone.

Laura x

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