Halloween: the Krispy Kreme way

A couple of weeks ago, York was rocked by some incredible news. It was getting its first Krispy Kreme store!!! Yes you can currently get Krispy Kreme from Tesco at Clifton Moor, but this is their first store in the city and will take pride of place in York’s Designer Outlet on the edge of the city.

The new store will be opening Tomorrow (Yes Friday 4th November) @ 10am so expect a flock of people heading to get their hands on some yummy doughnuts. There will be the classic Original Glazed doughnut on offer as well as 15 other varieties so pretty much something for everyone.

Having only had Krispy Kreme a couple of times myself, I would definitely suggest trying it out at least once. The doughnuts on offer are amazing and really are gorgeous in taste.

To celebrate the new store opening, I was invited to go on a Ghost Bus tour of York with a couple of other bloggers and to sample the latest Halloween doughnuts Krispy Kreme were offering. I wasn’t sure what to expect but having lived in York for most of my life, I was excited to do some spooky sightseeing.

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Our conductor for the evening was very funny and gave us a great laugh going round the city; telling us about some of York’s history and some of the ghostly going ons. The doughnuts went down a treat on the journey which was an absolute bonus as well.

The Ghost Tour is really fun and interesting and if you are a tourist or haven’t done a sightseeing tour before then I would recommend it. It was even more perfect given it was only about 5 days before Halloween so it added a little more spookiness to the whole thing.

2 things I suggest you take away from this post then:

Get yourself to the new Krispy Kreme store when it opens!! (Tomorrow)

And visit York and definitely do the Ghost Bus Tour at night, its brilliant.

Laura x

*Thanks to the guys at Krispy Kreme & Mc2 for putting on this event for us bloggers, it was so much fun*

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Crabtree & Evelyn Garden Celebrations

On Thursday 30th April, I was lucky enough to attend my first ever blogger event for the lovely Crabtree & Evelyn’s Garden Celebration event in York showcasing their new Garden inspired collection. Many a time do I walk past the shop in York and want to buy everything I see, wishing that I would achieve my life goal of winning the lottery in order to do so! (Aim High right?) I had already spoken to a few of the other lovely bloggers on twitter beforehand including Rhian, Laura and Becky so I didn’t feel too nervous walking into the shop on the evening.

I was greeted by a lovely girl who worked for Crabtree in London and had come up to York to help host the event. My apologies to her because I cannot for the life of me, remember her name but she was from the USA and was so friendly and made everyone feel really welcome. We were offered some of their speciality tea, a glass of prosecco or some gorgeous fruity sparkling juice, all of which were amazing. I then got the opportunity to browse round and test some of the gorgeous products and take lots of photos.




We were all treated to a 60 minute hand therapy treatment which included exfoliating the hands and then moisturising them with some of their luxurious hand creams. I don’t use hand cream much (I know, scold me) and I know I should because I do notice them looking dry but this treatment certainly gave me a new outlook on hand creams. My hands never felt so smooth! After this we were asked to put some tips on the tree either about afternoon tea or gardening and then our entries were put in a bowl to win 2 afternoon tea hampers. I didn’t win but Becky and Laura won 1 each so they were over the moon and I was so happy for them. After lots of networking and chatting we were given goody bags to take away which had lots of gorgeous treats in them that I am enjoying using.



I loved my first event and the staff in the shop were all incredibly lovely and chatty throughout the 2 hours we were there. A huge thank you to Crabtree & Evelyn for putting on such a fun event and to the York shop for hosting us. Another big thank you to my fellow bloggers for making the evening fun and hopefully we will meet again soon.

I would recommend any of the products in the garden collection as they were all beautiful and smelt divine and would definitely recommend going to a blog event if you haven’t already for meeting your fellow bloggers and giving yourself a confidence boost.

Thanks everyone

Laura x

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The Liebster Award!


I have received a nomination from the lovely 2 Peas in a Pod Blog to answer questions in relation to the Liebster Award. It’s an award that will let others out there find out about small bloggers with a following under 200. So thank you 2 Peas in a Pod for nominating me and giving the power to nominate others! 🙂

The rules are as follows:-

  • To Thank the person who has nominated you!
  • Answer the Questions given by the nominator
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers with a following under 200 and link them
  • Create 11 questions for the nominees to answer
  • Notify the nominees by social media or their blogs.

So here goes….

Q. What inspired you to start a blog?

A. I really love to write but haven’t done it since I was a teen. I suddenly thought Why not give it a go? I have found some truly amazing bloggers when I did a bit of research and it only spurred me on further.

Q. How did you feel about being nominated by us?

A. I was shocked and really excited to share a bit more about myself. I was worried I might not do it justice but only got more excited about the prospect throughout the day before writing it.

Q. What’s Your favourite animal?

A. My favourite animal would be a unicorn! I so hope this counts.

Q. What’s your natural hair colour?

A. Dark brown but currently rocking an ombre look.

Q. Skinny jeans or skirts?

A. Skinny jeans always, but the peeling them off at the end of the day is my hell.

Q. Dream Job?

A. I have had this thought on many occasion and would love to be one of those people who goes round the world testing out resorts. This would be a stunner of a job.

Q. Favourite Celebrity?

A. Sarah Millican, I think she’s absolutely hilarious and would love to see her live.

Q. How do you spend Sunday evenings?

A. In my pj’s watching TV and reading blogs or watching boxsets

Q. Eye Colour?

A. Blue-Green

Q. Where have you travelled in the world?

A. Mexico, Florida, Spain, France, Turkey, Bulgaria, Tunisia

Q. Will you be following us as a thank you?

A. Already followed beforehand.

Now for my nominations….

Dazzlemxo, Taylor Noel, Pao Wong, Hello the Mushroom, PoppyOnPaper, Joie De Jodie, Sophie Mace, white rabbit tail, Velveteen Roses, Little Budget and Chelsella.

My Questions to you all are

Q1. What got you blogging in the first place?
Q2. What was your favourite memory in 2014?
Q3. Favourite holiday destination?
Q4. Favourite blog post from another blogger?
Q5. Heels or Flats?
Q6. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Q7. Favourite dessert?
Q8. Night In or Night Out?
Q9. Do you have a beauty product you can’t live without?
Q10. If you were stranded on a desert Island, what 1 item would you have with you?
Q11. Would you do me the honour of following me back?

Many thanks again to 2 peas in a pod. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed typing this bad boy.

Get answering back bloggers

Laura x

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