Using my maternity leave wisely

Maternity Leave however long you have off, is pretty much spent up by feeding, changing, comforting or running after the baby. But very occasionally you may get some time to yourself and try not to waste it. I plan ahead and will do one of several things.

Have a pamper

I absolutely love a facemask and painting my nails but this is definitely a once every so often thing nowadays. Whenever I know I have some free time or if Freya is unexpectedly still asleep, I treat myself to a quick pamper to perk myself up a little from the day-to-day routine.


This might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve been writing my blog for 3 years now and it’s definitely flown. I love writing up my thoughts or sharing products with you that I’ve tried out and this is something I continue to do even with a 10 week old baby. It’s hard sometimes but very rewarding and I’ve had some amazing experiences from it.

Play Online Games

I’ve spoken before about online gaming and betting and recently I discovered Boomtown Bingo. It’s important to know your limits with anything like this and set yourself a maximum spend if you are going to take part in online slots or games. If this is your cup of tea then it’s a nice relaxing pastime as long as you don’t get overly obsessed.


I absolutely love reading and started reading more as soon as my maternity leave started. Freya decided to arrive 2 weeks early so I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked but I’m determined to get back into it after Christmas.


I have a huge love/hate relationship with this one. I always thought that a few weeks after giving birth, I’d be able to get back into my skinny jeans again. The reality is that I still don’t fit them, and probably won’t again. My hips are wider and my stomach is still a little wobbly but every day, I try to walk at least 10’000-12’500 steps and do some toning exercises as well. I feel healthier and hopefully after Christmas, will see results.

These are just a few of my maternity leave ideas so if you manage to get some quiet time, then take full advantage.

Laura x

*This has been a collaborative post*

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Goals for 2017

I’ve read lots of these post in the past and finally have opened my laptop to write my own goals post. I’m going to share some of my blog goals as well as personal goals as well to hopefully make it a little bit different from some other posts you may have read.

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Check out my new Business Cards!

Since starting blogging an incredible 16 months ago, I have wanted to get some business cards made. I’ve been to a few blog events now and watched in jealous as bloggers handed out some incredible looking cards. Well 2016 is the year to start getting stuff done and my business cards were no exception.


I was kindly offered the opportunity to design my own cards and receive some of a high quality by Aura Print who are a fantastic design company from Huddersfield. Since I was going through a redesign with my blog at the time, I was pretty stumped on the design I actually wanted, so I left it in the very capable hands of the design team of the company.

The basics I chose were the colour I wanted to feature which you can see was Pink, and the writing that I wanted to appear including my social media names. After this the design team sent back their ideas and asked me if there was anything I wanted to change. I have to say I was so impressed with the speed they responded to me and how quick they were with the whole design process.


Soon enough it was time for the business cards to be printed up and delivered to my doorstep. The printing process seemed incredibly quick as well to say there were a fair few business cards sent my way. They arrived in a huge pink box packed up in bright pink tissue paper. The business cards were neatly packed into plastic containers and even had an elastic band secured round to ensure delivery safety.

021 022

The first thing I noticed is the thickness and quality of the cards. I’ve had business cards through my work before and they tore up fairly easily and got damaged with the slightest bit of water. These cards look durable like the JCB mobile phone. I think it would be difficult to just rip these in half or damage them easily. My boyfriend thought they were fab and was a little jealous when he saw the quality of them.


The whole design process from start to finish with these cards was flawless. The communication levels from the company were spot on and I was never left wondering what was going on. The cards come in an amazing 15 colours and the design team are happy to work with you on anything you want really. My cards have amazing beauty related pictures faded into the cards like lipstick and makeup, it’s a great touch with the design and perfect for my blog. If you are looking for some new business cards or know someone who is, then send them to this wonderful Yorkshire company. I’ve loved handing them out to people who have been super impressed with the quality and design of them.


Laura x

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