Relaxation after Pregnancy

When pregnant, your body is doing incredible things however the strain this sometimes puts on you can be more than you realise. Before getting pregnant, I absolutely loved using essential oils in my baths to help me relax and there was nothing more I wanted some days after a hard day at work, than to run a nice hot bath with lavender or tea tree oils in there.

Computer says NO!

When pregnant you also google the crap out of everything and using essential oils became one of those searched for in my internet history. I read so much conflicting advice about whether oils were safe to use and if so which ones were. I was so confused by what I was reading I decided it was far safer to avoid said oils and wait to enjoy them after baby was born.

The lovely people at Sacred Soul got in touch during pregnancy and offered me a set of their wonderful oils to put to the test myself and as soon as Freya arrived into the world, I did not hesitate in running a nice hot bath and dropping lots of oils in there.

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