West Park Hotel Harrogate Afternoon Tea

About a month ago, I was super lucky to be contacted by the lovely people over at Living North to let me know I’d won Champagne afternoon tea for 2 at the West Park Hotel in Harrogate. I decided to treat my mum to an afternoon out in Harrogate for afternoon tea and a spot of shopping and off we ventured on Sunday just gone. The hotel is easy to find and not too far from the city centre shops so it was a nice sunny walk for us to enjoy.


The decor is modern with plush chairs of all different styles and sizes dotted around tables or various sizes as well. We were greeted by staff at reception almost immediately and taken to our reserved booth near the front of the hotel. The waiter who took us over did explain that they were running a little slow that morning after having a couple of events on the previous evening so we were prepared for a bit of a wait and ordered a coke each to pass the time.

Not long later, a waitress came out to confirm we were having Afternoon tea and stated that someone would be with us shortly. Sure enough our tray of treats soon came along and we started to tuck in.


Please excuse my mum’s attempt to get out the photo! We had a selection of sandwiches on the bottom slate including Ham & Pickle, Egg & Cress, Salmon & Cream Cheese and Prawn & Cucumber. Needless to say we tucked in and enjoyed the offerings before moving onto the sweet selection.

On the top slate was a couple of fruit scones with clotted cream and jam, a chocolate sponge with dark chocolate ganache topping, 2 macarons, 2 meringue nests and 4 slices of homemade Battenberg. I absolutely loved the Battenberg as I love Marzipan and the chocolate sponge was lovely and light too which was a surprise. I’m not a huge fan of macaron’s in general but these were a nice surprise and since they were only small it wasn’t too sweet.

Mum was worried that she wouldn’t be full after eating the tea but after a glass of champagne, a full afternoon tea, an Americano each and a bottle of coke, we were nice and full and ready to go shopping.

The one thing I would say about the whole experience was that the service did seem a little slow throughout and nobody was in a hurry to clear tables despite lots of staff walking around and not being overrun with customers. Champagne afternoon tea is £18.95 and for the price, I have definitely experienced better service and nicer food options as well.

Would I go back?

Both mum and myself decided we wouldn’t return but it has given us the taste and made us want to try out more places in the future.

Is it value for money? 

Personally the meal was filling and looking at other customers meals in the restaurant, the portions were generous and did look good. I would say their overall menu is value for money but the afternoon tea just didn’t hit the spot for me.

I thought I’d share some of the more unusual decor that I spotted in the hotel to end this post…


Coloured dogs heads in the toilets?!


A huge blue velvet sofa just outside the toilets.


Copper leaves as lighting which looked really cool on the staircase.

I hope you’ve liked this post and leave your links in the comments if you’ve been for afternoon tea somewhere in Yorkshire that you think I should check out.

Laura x

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Afternoon Tea: The Baby Shower Edition

Last month I attended a baby shower for my friend Leila who is due to have her baby in July. It was a surprise baby shower and had been organised for about a month by another friend called Laura and Leila’s lovely mum. The theme for the shower was Afternoon tea (my first ever afternoon tea) and was held at The Star Inn the City, York.

We all arrived around 1:45pm-2pm and the mother-to-be arrived about 2:15pm and was massively surprised by the whole affair and couldn’t believe how many of us had come and surprised her. Laura and Leila’s mum had decorated the area with balloons and lots of confetti baby feet as well as banners. Leila’s mum had made the most incredible cake and cake pops in blue and pink for us to all enjoy. There was a table for the cake and baby shower games and then a second table for all the presents for the mum-to-be and baby Pedro! (the sex of the baby is still unknown and nor will the baby actually be called Pedro, it’s the bump’s nickname, but I am still holding out for Pedro as the middle name if it’s a boy)


If you have never been to the Star Inn the City York before, it’s an amazing little restaurant tucked in the Museum gardens in the city centre. It has an incredible interior and a fantastic outside area which was jam-packed the day we went as the weather was fantastic. We all sat down to tuck into an amazing afternoon tea spread which came on a wooden board and included 4 different sandwiches cut into little triangles, a super rich chocolate brownie, a scone with fresh cream and jam and a little chocolate tart that was mint chocolate and tasted like an aero. It was gorgeous.


We then kicked off the baby games with guess the size of the bump, guess the weight/sex etc of the baby (winner still unknown as baby not born yet), match the celebs to their offspring and guess how many jelly babies in the jar. I won the jelly babies game and got to take home all of the jelly babies. It was immense taking 110 sweets home with me 🙂 After all of this we got to see Leila opening all of her amazing presents which she was thrilled with and then headed home with sweets and cake pops in hand.

016 017

022 025

Needless to say I loved my cake pop and the whole day was so much fun. I would definitely recommend the Star Inn the City again for something like this or even just a meal as the service was fab on the day and the food; delicious!

Hope you enjoyed my review of Star Inn the City’s Afternoon tea.

Laura x

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